New Years' Predictions for 2016

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New Years' Predictions for 2016

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George Noory hosted the long-standing Coast to Coast AM tradition of reading listener predictions made last year, and recording new predictions for 2016, along with surprise guests throughout the night.

Here are highlights of some of the callers' predictions for 2016:

  • Curiously, there were two back-to-back callers named Cornelius. The one from Alexandria, Louisiana foresees an economic collapse in October, while Cornelius from Chico, CA predicts that George Noory will marry Linda Moulton Howe on Christmas day 2016.
  • While last year, Nick from Garden City, NY incorrectly predicted that notorious caller JC Webster would guest host a C2C show, JC himself got through to make his own prediction for 2016: namely that he will ascend to the presidency. "Vote for JC, and save America," he exhorted.
  • Blair from Sedona believes that several prominent individuals will be so remorseful about their indiscretions and past actions that they will commit suicide.
  • Mike in San Bernardino suggested that Google will begin offering online banking services.
  • Joe in the Bronx predicts that there will be a movie based on the Coast to Coast AM radio show.
  • Ed in Phoenix foresees drastic changes such that Barack Obama will be the last US president, as a kind of global government takes power.
  • Mike in West Palm Beach predicts gasoline will go to a $1.00 a gallon, leading to a big economic boom in the US, and a collapse in Russia.
  • A caller named Brooklyn from Idaho spoke of a forthcoming radicalization of Christianity that would lead to positive changes.

Among the special guest callers, we heard from Dannion Brinkley, who said the Pope will set up a Vatican-like facility near old Jerusalem; Robert Zimmerman spoke of a year of extremes; John M. Curtis thinks oil prices will stay low; Ruben Uriarte foresees a UFO flap along the California/Arizona border with C2C doing live shows from there; Steve Kates believes we'll see a major super nova; and Heidi Hollis said a Grim Reaper-like entity will reveal more of himself.

Solar Storms & the Power Grid

First hour guest, Professor of History, William R. Forstchen, discussed the importance of strengthening the power grid in the event of possible damage from a solar flare or an EMP attack. A massive solar storm hit the Earth this evening-- an M class flare- and if it had been one magnitude higher, "we'd be in deep trouble," he remarked. A large static discharge hitting the Earth's surface could blow out the electrical grid on a global level, he warned. Forstchen noted that while the US has yet to create a national policy, a few states like Maine have begun to pass legislation and plan protective actions and upgrades.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Cal Orey

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