Mind Control & MK-Ultra - JFK Assassination & Deep Politics

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Mind Control & MK-Ultra - JFK Assassination & Deep Politics

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First half guest Matthew Pauly, an expert in computer architecture and programming, discussed his experience being a non-consensual subject for mind control experiments. He believes these experiments were a continuation of the CIA's MK-ULTRA program which was said to be officially halted back in 1973. The techniques date back to Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor who used torture on subjects so that their minds disassociate and their dominant personality goes to sleep, leaving a more malleable presence that's easily hypnotized, Pauly explained. This is how so-called 'Manchurian Candidates' are created-- when they hear post-hypnotic suggestions, these act as a trigger for them to carry out things like assassinations, and they won't have a conscious memory of it later, he continued.

Pauly's experiences began in November 2005 in Toronto, when he was approached by two agents and placed in an unmarked van, handcuffed, threatened with torture, and interrogated. He concluded that he was initially targeted because he'd mistakenly come under suspicion as a terrorist earlier in the year. In the 2005 incident, and subsequent ones in the years after, Pauly said he was a selected as an "R & D subject" for MK-ULTRA. He detailed how he was re-abducted by agents in 2007, just after he'd emailed a digital manuscript of his book that revealed his mind control experiences, and again in 2014, when he was drugged by agents with the mind-altering substance scopolamine.


In the latter half, Russ Baker, an award-winning investigative reporter, talked about his ongoing work on the JFK assassination. Oswald claimed from the beginning that he was a patsy and had been set up. Baker's research affirmed this, and he found a lot of documentary evidence indicating that Oswald was developed over the years as an intelligence asset for the US government at covert levels. And after Oswald returned from his so-called defection to the USSR, there were no repercussions, and he continued working for companies that had military connections.

Baker, who has written a book about secrets of the Bush family dynasty, noted that George H. Bush denied remembering where he was on the day of the JFK assassination. He discovered that Bush was woven into a network of CIA operatives, and was hiding the fact that he'd been in Dallas within hours of the shooting. Further, Bush was a lifelong friend of George de Mohrenschildt, who had served as mentor to Oswald, he added. Baker also pointed out that the Secret Service had good security in place on other stops of Kennedy's trip to Texas, but completely abdicated any special precautions in Dallas. He connected this to a kind of "Overworld"-- in which legitimate organizations at the top of society make use of organized crime and other illicit avenues.

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