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In part one, naturopathic physician Peter Glidden began by stating that humans are genetically designed to live to the age of 120 years, if we're healthy. The most important issue to Glidden is to keep your body supplied with plenty of minerals. As an example he related how cattle ranchers provide minerals in feed while cattle are growing and then stop about four months before they sell the animal in order to get the cow to eat much more. Since the cow is trying to get the nutrients it needs, it will eat much more and therefore fatten itself for market.

"You can trace every chronic disease to mineral deficiency," Glidden said. He noted that pesticides and herbicides kill the bacteria in the soil that allow plants to absorb them, so that most fruits and vegetables are lacking in many essential minerals. As for the seeming rise of gluten intolerance, Glidden said the real issue is that gluten inhibits absorption of nutritional elements. He believes that best way to increase health and longevity is to be careful about the source of your food and to add pure supplements to your diet. Glidden also cautioned listeners with his opinion that "your doctor is not trained in health care, he is trained in disease management."


In the second half, the "Psychic Professor" Paul Selig described his relationship with what he calls his "Guides," who he says channel messages of spiritual guidance through him. When he was 25 and graduated from Yale University, he was looking for a spiritual awakening, which then came to him as an experience of energy moving through his body and out the top of his head. Soon after, he discovered that he could apparently help those in need by tuning into their unconscious mind or "spirit bodies." Eventually, this led to communication with discarnate entities that spoke though him. He describes the experience as "giving the wheel of the car over, and I'm in the back seat." Selig says that they generally speak as one voice.

When George asked to speak with his "guides," Selig's voice changed to a higher pitch and adopted a British-sounding accent. Asked if extraterrestrials exist, they answered in the affirmative and added, "there are other ways of being." As for Ouija boards, they replied that evil spirits exist in lower frequencies and that "you may not invite the neighbors that you like." When Selig returned, he related that the entities that speak through him are most interested in truth and the choices that we as a species make at this point in history. He says he feels fortunate that this phenomenon happened to him.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Steve Kates, aka Dr. Sky

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