Death of Holistic Doctors/ St. Joseph & Levitation

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Death of Holistic Doctors/ St. Joseph & Levitation

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In the first half, author, and public speaker, Erin Elizabeth, who's had a passion for the healing arts for nearly 25 years, shared an update on a spate of dead holistic doctors. There have been around 30 cases of doctors/ holistic practitioners found dead since June of 2015, from reported suicides, accidents, and foul play, she detailed. One of the first cases was that of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, who had published controversial research connecting autism with vaccines. He was found in a river in North Carolina of an apparent "self inflicted gunshot wound." Jamie Zimmerman, a holistic MD, recently fell in an accident in Hawaii and drowned, but there were no witnesses (as is the case with most of the deaths), Elizabeth continued.

Just a few days ago, Dr. Rod Floyd, a holistic practitioner and chiropractor (and friend of Elizabeth's) was found dead in Florida, even though he was described as being "healthy & hearty." Though some have suggested that the prescribing of the controversial protein treatment GcMAF might be involved in the deaths, only several of the doctors were treating their patients with it, she noted. Elizabeth also spoke about the strange mass poisoning of 29 holistic doctors/ naturopaths who were attending a homeopathic conference in Germany. They did not knowingly take a substance which had strong hallucinatory properties that made many of them ill.


In the latter half, Professor of humanities and philosophy, Michael Grosso, discussed his study of St. Joseph of Copertino, who was known as a great mystic. He became interested in the St. Joseph case, as it was very well documented and challenges the dominant materialist worldview. Dating back to the 17th century, Joseph was an impoverished man from Italy whom "scholars say is perhaps the most extraordinary individual on record for producing so-called paranormal or unusual...phenomena." He began having divine visions as a child, and eventually became a priest, even though he was prone to trance states.

His ecstatic states eventually evolved into levitation of his own body, and occasionally even other people that were with him. The process was involuntary, and he would levitate unexpectedly, which led him to be viewed suspiciously by the Catholic church, Grosso reported. Sometimes he would lift just a few inches off the ground, but there are numerous accounts of him rising over the heads of people at church, and hovering and flying through the air, he added. Grosso also touched on people's near-death experiences (NDEs), and how afterward, they are sometimes opened up to new psychic or spiritual abilities. Through such experiences as NDEs, OBEs, spiritual practices, and certain psychedelics "it is possible to catch glimpses of a much larger universe of mind and spirit," he remarked.

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