Michael Grosso

Michael Grosso


Michael Grosso, Ph.D. is an independent scholar, part of an ever growing group of thinkers critical of the prevailing materialistic view of the world. He has taught humanities and philosophy at Marymount Manhattan College, City University of New York, and City University of New Jersey. Dr. Grosso is actively affiliated with the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia and on the Board of Directors of the American Philosophical Practitioner’s Association, where he was editor of its journal.

He currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he is affiliated with the Division of Personality Studies of UVA.



Past Shows:

  • Miraculous Phenomena / Science of the Spiritual

    Michael Grosso joined Connie Willis to discuss miraculous phenomena beyond conventional religion and science. Followed by Ervin Laszlo, renowned authority on science and philosophy, on the science behind spiritual experience.More »
  • The Crash of Civilization

    Michael Grosso examined consciousness and transcendence in the face of looming collapse. Anson Williams of Happy Days talked about the legendary sitcom.More »
  • Death of Holistic Doctors/ St. Joseph & Levitation

    In the first half, author, and public speaker, Erin Elizabeth, who's had a passion for the healing arts for nearly 25 years, shared an update on a spate of dead holistic doctors. In the latter half, Professor of humanities and philosophy, Michael Grosso, discussed his study...More »
  • Afterlife & the Paranormal

    Philosopher and author Michael Grosso discussed the evidence for life after death, which he has collected from various reports and accounts. The survival of consciousness beyond the bodily existence may be connected to an array of other paranormal phenomena, he suggested. For...More »

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