A Case of Reincarnation/ Life After Death

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A Case of Reincarnation/ Life After Death

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In the first half, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed veteran police detective Robert Snow, who spoke about how he went from skeptic to believer after a hypnotic regression revealed he had lived before in three different historical eras. "My whole intention when I started doing this was to prove that reincarnation was not true, that it was wrong," he said. Snow recalled vivid details from previous lives as a valley-dwelling caveman, a young girl in an ancient Greek temple, and a 19th-century American artist. "It was like a part of my mind that I didn't know about started operating [during regression]," he noted. Snow's most recent life as an artist in the 1800s gave him a unique opportunity to investigate and possibly disprove the experience.

There were several details he had recorded from the regression, including having a wife who could not bear children, learning a relative died from a blood clot, and painting a portrait of a hunchbacked woman. He set out to find that painting and methodically examined art books and galleries for the portrait. Snow reported finding the hunchbacked woman at a gallery in the New Orleans French Quarter. The gallery owner indicated there was no way he could have previously seen the portrait as the artist, J. Carroll Beckwith, was little known and the work had been in private hands for year, Snow explained. He said he next gained access to Beckwith’s diaries, read all 17,000 pages, and was able to able to validate specific memories from his regression.


During the second half, former President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, Tricia Robertson, shared stories from her extensive casebook that deal with a wide range of phenomena that provide evidence for survival after death. "There's much more to this life than what we see in the physical plane," she said. Robertson referenced The Airmen Who Would Not Die by John G. Fuller, about the historic crash of the great British dirigible R101 and how members of the deceased crew came through séances to recount their tragic end. "The only people that could have given that information were the people actually on that crashed airship," she added.

Robertson reported on cases of drop-in communicators, something she called the "gold standard of after death communication." In the 1960s a researcher, who had been given transcripts documenting one group's communications from decades earlier, was able to track down and verify details given by a spirit drop-in purporting to be Harry Stockbridge, a soldier who died during World War I, she revealed. Robertson highlighted a case from Iceland in which a departed soul named Runki provided accurate information about where to find his missing leg (in the wall of a house). She also covered what she considers legitimate instances of spirit materialization, as well as the automatic writing cases of Chico Xavier and Pearl Lenore Curran.

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