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Spiritual Journey/ Concepts of God

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In the first half, George Noory welcomed author, family physician, and speaker, Dr. Rick Sheff, who discussed his spiritual journey and quest. As an atheist and scientist, he had a series of spiritual experiences that didn't fit into his web of belief, and these experiences eventually shattered his previous way of looking at the world. He learned that difficult passages of one's life, such as a break-up, illness, or death of a loved one are actually opportunities to grow and open. "The human heart grows by breaking. And it deepens us, and it's a way to use pain to become...a better person, a more loving person. And that really is part of the spiritual journey," he explained.

Sheff, who has recently professed vows as a monk in the Spirit of Peace interfaith monastic community, has investigated various spiritual practices such as the healer John of God in Brazil, and the site of Marian visions in Medjugorje. Regarding his visits to John of God, "as a scientist and skeptic...I encountered experiences and data points...that cannot be reduced to our current paradigm," and that taught me there is far more wonder and mystery to this world than most of today's scientists are telling us, he remarked. All throughout the world, there are movements of people pursuing transformation, spiritual development, and a deeper meaning to their lives. Sheff believes we are at an "inflection point" with more individuals acting from a spiritual place, which will help shift the consciousness of the planet.


In the latter half, modern-day spiritual messenger Neale Donald Walsch addressed his latest work tracing the origins of the concept of God. Having written twenty-nine books on contemporary spirituality since he reported having an experience in which he felt the presence of the Divine, Walsch decided to explore a multiplicity of beliefs about God in the documentary, "iGod." Working with such people as director Jonathan Friedman, and co-producer Robert S. Friedman, Walsch narrates the film, in which both ordinary people and clergy are queried with the same six questions about how they view or understand God, and what the concept means to them.

While Walsch has relayed his numerous "conversations" with God in his books, he believes we are all messengers, and our life lived is the message we are sending to each other, and society. Though there is much violence and unrest in the world today, he believes humanity is in the process of an "overhaul," or "upheaval" with things that haven't served us well being dismantled to make way for a better existence. Walsch views this "storm before the calm" as a kind of 30-year difficult Renaissance. He estimates that we are about halfway through this process that will lead toward enlightenment and "the end of our utter dysfunction as a species of sentient beings."

News guests: Jerome Corsi, Mish Shedlock, Dr. Gary Ridenour


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