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EMP Attack/ Angelic Interventions

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In the first half, Texas businessman, producer, and actor Gary Heavin talked about his new film project, Amerigeddon, which depicts an EMP attack on America from a North Korean satellite. An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack is the most imminent threat to the US according to two congressional hearings, and North Korea has launched a second satellite that crosses above the US, he cited. An EMP attack could have disastrous consequences, knocking millions off the grid, and leading to massive losses of life. The cost of protecting the grid is around $2 billion (such as proposed by the SHIELD Act), which may seem like a lot of money, but that's how much the US gave to Pakistan last year, he reported.

Because America has not acted, "I believe there is a power in this country that is setting us up by design," Heavin remarked. Teaming up with Mike Norris (Chuck Norris' son) to make the movie Amerigeddon, he hopes to use this entertainment vehicle as a way to wake up the American public to the idea that "the government is not to be trusted; that the government does not have their best interest at heart." Heavin also commented on the political landscape, suggesting that both Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush are "bought and paid for," but Donald Trump is not, and offers some hope of taking America back.


In the latter half, author and researcher Ptolemy Tompkins discussed real life stories of angelic interventions. He was joined by police officer Tyler Beddoes, who rescued a toddler from a car plunged into a river, after he heard a woman's voice yelling "Help me!" from inside the car. Yet, the woman had been dead for some time when they got to the car-- the wreckage was so crushed, it was obvious she was killed in the impact, Beddoes explained. Interestingly, he heard the voice along with three other police officers-- it was clear, calm, and loud enough to be heard over a running creek, and sirens in the distance. Beddoes, who felt transformed by the experience, believes this was a case of divine intervention, and they were being guided by an angel to save the child who was strapped into her car seat.

There are real events that don't fit with our picture of the world, and these tend to get brushed aside, noted Tompkins. "I think angel stories are a reminder of that reality, and people gravitate to them because some part of them says...I know the world is like that," he continued. Further, accounts of angelic interactions suggest that there's something larger than us that can intercede in a way that God may be too remote to do, he added. Tompkins also talked about the reality of less benign supernatural or spiritual forces such as encountered by Joe Fisher (book link), who became involved with a spirit entity and suffered harmful consequences.

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