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Many ancient civilizations speak of contact with beings who come from elsewhere. Filmmaker Ali Siadatan's research into UFOs has inspired him to make a documentary (video link) exploring the connection between accounts of ancient flying machines and modern day UFO phenomena. Ali joined Richard Syrett to share his perspectives on the UFO debate, and discuss whether current sightings fall within the scope of biblical prophecy.

Ali provided details of a close-up UFO encounter he had while driving at night from Tehran, Iran to the city of Shiraz. "It [was] so big that if it were sitting on the ground it would be like three or four stories," he said. Ali described the large craft as circular-shaped, with metallic divisions like floors, and covered all over its surface with green lights. He revealed how a giant tube emerged from out of the desert which the descending UFO landed upon and then was quickly sucked into the ground.

Ali summed up the entire biblical narrative as telling the story of a race called the Elohim. We are part of the Elohim, as are the angels who possess a more advanced understanding of the mysteries of the universe, he explained. According to Ali, the Nephilim (fallen angels) are also part of that race and thus genetically compatible with humans. He likened Old Testament stories of the Nephilim mating with human women to the contemporary alien abduction phenomena supposedly happening aboard spaceships all around us. "[The Nephilim are] a race that is apparently taking the genes of those who are made in the image of God and using them to graft them into [their] own revolution," he said. Their ambition is to be like God, he suggested.


New JFK Documents

First hour guest, JFK assassination expert James DiEugenio talked about newly released government files (related article). DiEugenio provided a brief history on the JFK Records Collection Act which allowed for the creation of the Assassination Records Review Board, an independent agency set up to render decisions on the disclosure of documents pertaining to JFK's assassination. "Everything is supposed to be declassified next year... guess what, none of that is happening," he said, noting how the estimated 3,500 documents set for release do not have an index, reader's guide, or proper headings, which means it may be impossible to determine the subject of any given document. DiEugenio questioned why some of these documents, including records from the Oswald 201 File and at least 25 documents from the Warren Commission have been classified for the last 60 years.

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