Ali Siadatan

Ali Siadatan


Ali Siadatan is the founder of Think Again Productions in Canada—a multimedia teaching ministry shedding light on mysteries and treasures of scriptural knowledge, which is making the Bible more real than ever. Siadatan has found evidence keeps agreeing with the Bible’s tale, from biblical cities peering through the sand to "alien" abductions and prophetic events. In 2006, Think Again Productions released the groundbreaking documentary UFOs Angels & Gods; on Google Video, it received 270 thousand views in nine months.

In 1996, Siadatan completed a master’s degree in French Language and Literature at the University of Toronto. In September 1999 he answered a call and opened a center to minister to urbanites through martial and healing arts as well as spiritual studies for seekers. Siadatan has a Black Belt in Kung Fu and has been training since 1991. He is married and has two wonderful daughters.



Past Shows:

  • Astrology & the Eclipse / UFOs & Fallen Angels

    Astrologer Mark Lerner discussed the significance of the total solar eclipse on April 8th and a Chiron return. Followed by filmmaker Ali Siadatan on UFOs, fallen angels, and biblical prophecy.More »
  • Angels & UFOs

    Filmmaker Ali Siadatan talked about his research into modern-day UFO/ET phenomena and his documentary "UFOs Angels & Gods." In the first hour, detective Gil Carrillo discussed how he helped capture the infamous serial killer Richard Ramirez, known as the Night Stalker.More »
  • Shared Crossings / Biblical Prophecy & Ukraine

    William Peters and Dr. Raymond Moody, shared-death experience experts, discussed shared crossings that transform lives and deaths. Followed by researcher Ali Siadatan on Biblical prophecy vis-a-vis Russia's invasion of Ukraine.More »
  • Eras in the Bible / Open Lines

    Spiritual researcher and Nephilim expert Ali Siadatan joined Richard Syrett to share his new research into the ages of the Bible, including the meaning of the Mark of the Beast. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half.More »
  • Satan's Throne/ Underwater UFOs

    Ali Siaditan discussed his new research into the Throne of Satan.Preston Dennett reported on Unidentified Submerged Objects or 'USOs.'More »
  • Alien Abductions & the Bible

    Ali Siadatan discussed alien abductions, hybrids, and the Bible. In the first hour, Michael Salla talked about an object hidden underneath Antarctica.More »
  • UFOs Angels & Gods/ D.B. Cooper Mystery

    Filmmaker Ali Siadatan had a close-up UFO sighting in his native Persia which led him to look deeper into the modern day UFO phenomenon. He joined Richard Syrett in the first half to share his research on Bible passages that he believes are evidence of alien or demonic...More »
  • UFOs, Angels & Gods

    Many ancient civilizations speak of contact with beings who come from elsewhere. Filmmaker Ali Siadatan's research into UFOs has inspired him to make a documentary exploring the connection between accounts of ancient flying machines and modern day UFO phenomena. Ali joined...More »

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