Nature Spirits/ UFO Research and the Starchild Skull

Nature Spirits/ UFO Research and the Starchild Skull


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsChristian von Lahr, Chase Kloetzke, Melanie Young

First half guest Christian von Lahr works as a seer and clairvoyant. For this St, Patrick's Day, he joined George to talk about leprechauns, fairies, pixies, and other beings he calls the "Nature Spirits.” Through his seminars and consultations, he says he tries to "give people the experience of seeing in other realms." Von Lahr believes that the Nature Spirits are all around us and will help us with anything we need, as long as we are able to ask and to recognize that they are assisting. He claims that they inhabit a realm that is closer to our world than to life on the "other side," and there are many people in parts of Europe, and especially Iceland, that consider them real and a part of daily life.

Von Lahr says that these spirits are by nature good, because they do not have the ego issues to which humans are susceptible. He says they can manipulate things to bring about what we experience as "miracles," and that they know what we did in our past lives and have a vested interest in helping us because it earns them merit towards eventually attaining human form, which is their goal. He believes that they are "earning karma just as we do." He also discussed another aspect of his clairvoyance as a "medical intuitive" and expanded on his ability to see disease in the body as vibrational levels of color which he uses to help diagnose medical conditions.


In the second half, Chase Kloetzke and Melanie Young joined the show to talk about new developments in the "Starchild Skull" saga. In the mid-1990s, one of Young's employees had a friend who brought her a box containing a normal-looking human skull and one that appeared to be either very deformed or not human at all. Soon after, she met UFO researcher Lloyd Pye, who began a rocky adventure to try and determine if the anomalous skull was human or not. Young says that her life "has never been the same" since encountering the artifact, and she was content to let Pye become the public face of the investigation until his death in December of 2013, that occurred without a definitive solution to the mystery. As of February 2016, she has joined forces with Kloetzke to begin a new effort to test the skull for DNA, although Young says that previous tests indicated that it actually had "very little" human DNA.

In the last hour, Kloetzke described her work with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and how many of her latest cases are coming from outside the U.S. Although she says her first love is the UFO subject, when asked, she described an apparent haunting case that she helped to solve when it was determined that a strong electromagnetic field was causing unease in the witness, not a ghost. In answer to a question from George, she expressed the opinion that if aliens were going to invade, "they could have done it already." Kloetzke feels that ufology proved that UFOs are real "10 years ago," and that aliens are visiting Earth. She thinks that the job of UFO researchers now is to prove this to the rest of the world with well-supported studies.

The program concluded with a recording of past guest Christian Wilde singing the St. Patrick's Day classic Danny Boy. George dedicated the show to the late Lloyd Pye.



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