Jesus' Lost Years/ Ancient ET Visitation

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Jesus' Lost Years/ Ancient ET Visitation

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Joining Jimmy Church (email) in the first half, Tricia McCannon, American clairvoyant, historian, and teacher offered evidence culled from hard-to-find Vatican texts that suggest Jesus spent seven years of study in Egypt among the highest spiritual initiates of his day, a number of years with the Druids in England, and several years of training in India and Tibet before beginning his public ministry in Palestine.

The biblical story of Jesus covers only a few select moments of his life: birth, incident at the Temple at 12 years old, and then three years following his baptism at age 30 by John the Baptist. According to McCannon, Jesus had been introduced to the Druid path at age seven while traveling to England with his wealthy uncle, Joseph of Arimathea. He returned to Jerusalem when he was eight to study with the Essenes at Mt. Carmel, she continued. He revisited England at 13 and was deemed "so advanced, they said send him on to India," McCannon added.

Jesus studied with the Brahmans in India for several years but got in trouble for teaching people from all castes, she explained. Assassins were sent to kill him and Jesus fled to a Buddhist community in Tibet, where he lived for six years and was acknowledged as the second Buddha, McCannon revealed. Jesus returned to Palestine before embarking to England one last time, and then to Egypt, where he learned the perfection of subtle energy bodies. "It was the mastery of those... bodies that allowed him to really undergo the resurrection," she said. McCannon estimated Jesus began his biblical ministry in his forties, not the widely accepted 30 years old.


For a person living in biblical times, anything that came down from the sky would be considered a god, or at least sent by the gods. In the latter half, Rev. Michael JS Carter explored the possibilities that the Bible and other religious texts contain clues to visitations from ETs. "Our ancestors were primitive in certain ways... and they were trying to use the words of their time to explain the phenomena they were experiencing," he said.

Carter pointed to evidence of off-world intelligences in biblical stories, including man's creation, the Exodus, the Star of Bethlehem, appearances by the angel Gabriel, and Ezekiel's wheel. "It's hard to refute that Ezekiel is not seeing something that is not from this world," he said, recommending listeners check out The Spaceships of Ezekiel by Josef F. Blumrich. Carter also suggested Jesus was an avatar of an enlightened soul who came to our planet with a message of unity and love (not necessarily unique to Earth).

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