Alchemy, Immortality, & the Cross of Hendaye

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Alchemy, Immortality, & the Cross of Hendaye

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Filling in for George Noory, guest host Jimmy Church (email) welcomed filmmaker and hermetic scholar Jay Weidner for a discussion on his research into alchemy and the Cross of Hendaye—a strange cross located in a churchyard in the small southwestern coastal town of Hendaye, France. Built by a mysterious master alchemist over 350 years ago, some claim the cross holds the secrets of the universe.

Weidner disclosed how finding a book, The Mystery of the Cathedrals by an enigmatic author called "Fulcanelli," helped shape his current worldview on the reality of alchemy. In the book, Fulcanelli proposes the gothic cathedrals of Europe were built by a secret society attempting to change the psychic landscape of the continent, Weidner reported. "According to the alchemical lore, [these cathedrals] would draw down this kind of invisible etheric energy that transmutes the landscape and changes the way that the people look at the world," he said, noting how the construction of cathedrals moved Europe out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance period.

Fulcanelli was tasked by a benevolent clandestine cabal to write his book, which demonstrates alchemy is a real science that holds the secrets to extending life, Weidner continued. There are people living today who have been alive for centuries, he added. According to Weidner, the body is run on electricity, not calories, and the amount of current flowing through the pineal gland is directly related to longevity. He pointed to a study found in the book Melatonin Miracle which demonstrates the relationship of the pineal gland to long life in rats. Alchemists have found a way to reverse the ravages of calcification on the pineal gland and, in turn, reverse the aging process, Weidner suggested.

Weidner spoke about his investigations of European cathedrals, including the Church of Saint-Sulpice and Notre-Dame, as well as the location of the Cross of Hendaye in southwestern France. "The Cross of Hendaye really contains the most important secrets that a long-ago, very-advanced culture had discovered and were lost in a gigantic catastrophe... the Cross of Hendaye was built to preserve those secrets," he said. Weidner explained the meaning of the symbols covering the cross' base, which is covered on four sides by an eight-pointed star, a fairy-tale moon, and angry sun surrounded by stars, and what appears to be a Masonic cross with four odd-looking letter A's. Weidner believes the Cross of Hendaye reveals how periodic catastrophes happen, what to look for as they are approaching, and where to go to save oneself.

The final hour of the show featured Open Lines.

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