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Channeling/ Haunted Hospitals

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In the first half of the program, paranormal investigator and medium Chris Fleming joined Dave Schrader (email) to discuss the ins and outs of channeling sessions and communicating with the other side. "As a channeler you bridge a connection to the spirit world or higher consciousness, even some other realms," Fleming said, noting how it is different from a walk-in, where a spirit forces itself in and the inhabited person has no idea it has occurred. Channeling is like dissociating oneself from human ideas in order to open up to receiving information from the spirit world, he explained. Fleming outlined four kinds of channeling: trance (person hosts entities), conscious (fully aware and entities kept at a distance), natural (intuition), and inspiration (thoughtforms from higher realms).

He spoke about Instrumental Trans-Communications (ITC) and played audio clips of his channeling sessions. Fleming revealed during one session he had been taken over by a group of soldiers seeking his help, followed by a demon who delivered a chilling message. In the recording, the demonic voice notifies those listening that he is keeping the soldiers' spirits, then Fleming begins to speak in tongues. According to Fleming, multiple languages are spoken on that clip and when played in reverse one can hear the word "Nazi" several times. Fleming also provided audio from a session recorded 10 years ago in which a man appears to be channeling his future self regarding his own suicide-murder.


During the final two hours of the show, paranormal researcher Richard Estep talked about some of the world's most haunted hospitals, asylums, and institutions. Estep recounted the tragic tale of a 19th century nurse at University College Hospital in London who accidentally administered a morphine overdose to her fiancé. A ghostly nurse can be seen roaming the ward whenever a patient is about to receive medications such as morphine, he reported. Estep detailed his investigation of Utah's Asylum 49, a former hospital that is now a Halloween-style haunted house. One investigator was scratched down the length of her back after a spirit box session, and the full-body apparition of a little girl appeared, he revealed.

"I am convinced that what I saw that night was one of the apparitions that haunts the hospital," Estep continued. He spoke about his investigation of St. Botolph's Church in Lincolnshire, England, where it was reported a dark entity had been released during black masses held on the property. According to Estep, fellow investigators witnessed a tall hooded figure following him around the church grounds. He also shared the story of a haunted firehouse in Pueblo, Colorado. The Hose Company No. 3 Fire Museum houses a vintage fire vehicle which inexplicably drove off on its own, making 90-degree turns and miraculously missing everything around it, he said, adding the strange event was witnessed by numerous people.

At the top of hour 4, Dave played a clip of his interview with a paramedic who shared a first-hand account of seeing a patient's ghost.

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