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Conversations with the Deceased/ Souls & God

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In the first half, author Frank DeMarco described his ongoing series of conversations with various non-physical beings, including Rita Warren, a psychology professor, and director at the Monroe Institute, who died in 2008. DeMarco began conscious channeling sessions with Rita's spirit in 2014, and "the most important thing to remember is that you're always in connection with the Other Side," she told him. Yet, the non-physical world is right here, and we misapprehend the world, when we make a total distinction between the physical, and the realm of spirits, as they are integrated as a continuity, she further explained to DeMarco. The realms are the same thing, just experienced differently, DeMarco continued.

The experience of ghosts may relate to this concept of the two states simultaneously existing, he theorized. Rita's message about the meaning of our existence pertains to the choices we make about our lives, and how they shape our mind and memories, which come into play when we enter the non-physical realm, he recounted. People are afraid of the afterlife, because of the unknown factor, and not being control, he said, but if they realize the only judgment they were going to face on the Other Side was that of their own, they might feel a little better about it.


In the latter half, business journalist Scott S. Smith addressed his work exploring the souls of pets, as well as his research into religion and the paranormal. There have been numerous credible witness accounts of deceased pets making ghostly appearances, he cited. A veterinarian, treating a sick horse, reported seeing a second horse in the barn, only to find out that that animal had died a few months earlier. Smith said this is a common theme, with neighbors seeing pets in yards, not realizing that they had actually died sometime before. Sometimes even living animals react to seeing deceased pets, he detailed, such as an instance when a ghost cat was said to enter a room and walk through a closed bedroom door, completely spooking out the two living cats, who wouldn't go into the bedroom for months afterward.

Quite often, owners of deceased pets "will hear the animal purr, they can even touch it, or feel the animal cuddle up against them, but it's not a conventional ghost," he continued. Smith, citing the work of the late Scott Rogo, noted the connection of spirits promoting religion, such as Mohamed's visit with the angel Gabriel, the founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith's angelic encounters, as well as Marian apparitions, when the Virgin Mary allegedly imparts messages.

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