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Alternative Health/ Psychic Predictions

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In the first half, registered pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed the latest in health information and alternative treatments, and tackled callers questions about various ailments. He commented on a new study that indicated vegetable oils are not necessarily healthy for the heart, and praised butter as actually a healthier option for cooking, as it's a good source for iodine, selenium, vitamin K, and specialized fats. As it's not found plentifully in the diet, "supplementing with selenium is one of the all time great anti-aging, anti-cancer, heart-protecting...minerals of all," he noted.

Clogged arteries can be related to an excess production of cholesterol and weakness of the blood vessels, and one of the ways to deal with this is to watch one's sugar intake, he said. Eating more protein (especially whey) and drinking more fluids can be a way to wean yourself off sugary products, he continued. B vitamins can increase the health of the blood vessels, while the amino acid, arginine, can improve circulation, he added. As far as auto immune disorders, Fuchs cited the importance of digestion in the small intestine, and recommended taking probiotic (healthy bacteria) supplements.


In the latter half, psychic and energy healer Elizabeth Joyce reviewed her remarkable track record of predictions, talked about what lies ahead for 2016 and beyond, and offered readings for callers. She sees ISIS getting worse, and has concerns about Pakistan, India, and London, though her spirit guides have told her there will not be another nuclear attack on our planet. Joyce recommends people increase their self-sufficiency, as there will be upcoming turmoil and tribulations, particularly between the years 2017-2025.

In the near future, she foresees earth changes near the Bering Strait in Alaska, and along the coast of Africa. According to her sources, ISIS has been dropping bombs in the Atlantic Ocean off Africa in an attempt to cause a tidal wave to hit the East Coast of the US. As far as the presidential race, she doesn't see Hillary as a shoo-in as the Democratic candidate, though she thinks Bernie Sanders may have health issues. Both conventions could be brokered. It's possible Biden could end up being the Democratic nominee, Joyce said. She believes Ted Cruz is on the verge of facing a huge scandal and will likely be knocked out of the running, while Kasich will gain in strength.

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