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Space News/ Parapsychology & the 'PK Man'

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In the first half, senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, talked about the latest news in space exploration, astronomical discoveries, and UFO disclosure. Billionaire Yuri Milner has started a new initiative called 'Breakthrough Starshot,' which envisions sending a tiny-sized craft on an interstellar mission to Alpha Centauri that would be completed in just 20 years, he reported. Over at SETI, they've begun a new project to check out 20,000 red dwarf stars for signals that might indicate the presence of alien life. Red dwarfs are on the average much older than our sun, which might give more chance for life to develop in their systems, he suggested.

Shostak shared an update on "Tabby's Star," KIC 4862852-- there had been talk there could be an alien megastructure there because of an observed dimming effect. Whenever something new and puzzling shows up, people always say "aliens," but he believes a natural explanation will likely be conclusive. He commented on Hillary Clinton's claim the she will "get to the bottom" of what's going on at Area 51. Even if that happened, there'll only be information on secret aircraft testing, not ET technology, he surmised. Shostak also talked about the famous 1977 'WOW' case, in which a strong anomalous signal was picked up on a radio telescope, though it was unable to be repeated a second time.


In the latter half, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD discussed various types of parapsychology, and in particular the case of Ted Owens, the "PK Man," who demonstrated startling abilities in psychokinesis. Owens claimed his skills were the result of a strange encounter in a Texas desert with alien beings who conducted surgery on his brain. In February 1976, Owens made a prediction of ending a California drought, and several days later it happened, he recounted. Mishlove, who'd been told he was the reincarnation of the Roman philosopher Seneca, outlined his "Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance" theory which he co-developed to understand such reincarnational significances, without getting too ego-involved in them.

He noted an interesting connection between parapsychology and ufology. In addition to Owens, Uri Geller also attributed some of his abilities to UFOs. "I don't think UFOs are nuts and bolts spacecraft...they have something do with other dimensions...and altered states of consciousness. To me, there's a relationship there that we've yet to fully grasp," Mishlove commented. While there's been resistance in the mainstream to accepting the field of parapsychology, there've been breakthroughs in both psychic archaeology and psychic healing, he stated. Mishlove has embarked on a new video project, New Thinking Allowed, featuring interviews with older people in the field of parapsychology looking back on their whole career, such as dream and consciousness researcher Stanley Krippner.

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