UFOs & Nukes/ NDE Journey

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UFOs & Nukes/ NDE Journey

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In the first half, Robert Hastings joined George Knapp to discuss UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites. His new film UFOs and Nukes, The Secret Link Revealed features interviews with US Air Force veterans who were involved in incidents which confirm that unidentified flying objects seem to be able to monitor and even control nuclear weapons. Hastings says the film (and his book) feature "anecdotal evidence from very persuasive sources." The cases have continued for decades, up to the present day. Hastings' father was in the Air Force and when he was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in the 1960s, there were rumors of UFOs hovering over the area. He believes that whatever intelligence is behind the incursions may be essentially asking leading governments if it is wise to continue to possess nuclear weapons.

Hastings questioned control tower personnel who were present during the famous Bentwaters Air Base UFO incident and found that they had seen unidentified objects on radar and visually during the famous events of December 1980. He also described an incident from 1964 at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California where a disc-shaped object was observed and filmed through a telescope apparently shooting down a dummy nuclear warhead that was traveling at 8000 miles per hour. Later, two men in gray suits flashed CIA credentials and confiscated the film from the Air Force. Hastings believes that the CIA has control of many UFO films and much of the information. Asked about the possibility for government "disclosure" of records on the subject, he said that the "consequences are too dire to reveal" and that those in power "have everything to lose and nothing to gain" by releasing anything publicly. He also announced that the first 1000 Coast listeners to buy his film can get it for half price by entering the promo code "C2C."


In part two, Diane Corcoran R.N., Ph.D. talked about near death experiences and the consequences for those who have them. She is president of the International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) which is involved in efforts to educate health professionals, military personnel and the public about the reality and the aftereffects of the near death experience. Corcoran first encountered the NDE while stationed as a nurse in Vietnam when a helicopter pilot told her about leaving his body while he lay wounded on a battlefield. He told her "You've got to believe me, this is so real." When she returned to the U.S., Corcoran began to study the phenomenon to see if others had been through the same ordeal.

Corcoran says that the problem with health care professionals is not so much resistance to the experience as ignorance. She is leading efforts to inform and train doctors and nurses, as well as military personnel so that they recognize when people have had an NDE and to be able to let them share their thoughts so that there are no ill effects of having to keep silent about this life-changing event. She pointed out that children who have an NDE often speak of relatives that they have never heard of or met, and neither have their parents, but later prove to be real, even if they are no longer alive. The experience often changes people so that they become more empathetic and often switch careers in order to help others. After forty years of studying the near death experience, Corcoran says that "you don't have to have one to know that something extraordinary is happening."

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