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Negative Ions/ Mediumship

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Earl Mindell, Elaine Kuzmeskus

In the first half, registered pharmacist, master herbalist, and author Earl Mindell, PhD, discussed the healing power of negative ions, as well as the importance of vitamin and mineral supplementation. Negative ions first became known to the public in 1900, when the young engineering genius Nikola Tesla published an article about the work he'd been doing with his new invention, the Tesla Coil, in which he was able to send the current through his own body without harm, Mindell cited. In the 1930s, the scientist Clarence Hansell followed up on Tesla's work, and found that negative ions not only give people a sense of well-being, and energy, but also help against allergies, binding the pollutants and pollen in the air. Negative ions are produced in abundance in waterfalls, ocean waves, and are present in fresh air, Mindell noted.

Mindell said he gets negative ions by wearing a bracelet that contains rare earths that interact with the skin, though people can also use air ionizers. Interestingly, some models of Toyota's Camry have been equipped with an ion producing technology, as well as Russian submarines, he reported. Among the supplements Mindell highlighted were Vitamin D3, Coenzyme Q10 (especially important if one is taking statin drugs), and Vitamin E (use a combination of tocopherols and tocotrienols). He was critical of the typical American diet, which is too heavy in salt, sugar, and white flour, and advised consumers to read the labels when shopping.


Certified Spiritualist medium Elaine Kuzmeskus has conducted many well-publicized séances including the 1997 Official Houdini Séance, in her over thirty years of mediumship. In the latter half, she spoke about her clairvoyant impressions, as well as her research into the physical medium Mina or "Margery" Crandon, whom Houdini investigated. Making headlines in the 1920s, "Margery the Medium," was married to a prominent Boston surgeon who encouraged her abilities. She was a natural trance medium who was said to make contact with the deceased, and create physical effects such as ectoplasm in a séance, Kuzmeskus detailed.

Houdini exposed many fake mediums in this era (post WWI, many people sought out mediums to contact their dead relatives). "Unfortunately, he grouped all mediums as fakes, even genuine mediums such as Margery, and he was constantly skeptical of what she did," though he remained somewhat baffled by her, Kuzmeskus said of Houdini. Scientific American tested Margery's skills and Houdini possibly interfered with the proceedings. During the last hour, Kuzmeskus provided personal readings for callers, and cautioned that the next six months could be a particularly unstable period, and people should be vigilant and practical.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Paul Guercio-- Prince timetrak, Howard Bloom



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