Political Revelations/ Working with Auras

Political Revelations/ Working with Auras


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRoger Stone, Barbara Y. Martin, Dimitri Moraitis

In the first half, consultant and strategist Roger Stone, who has written about how Richard Nixon avoided prosecution after the Watergate scandal, shared a variety of assertions about such political figures as LBJ, JFK, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush. He also commented on Donald Trump, whose presidential campaign he worked for in 2015, and he counts as a long time friend. "He is supremely confident...and tough as nails...he's the guy I want to send in to negotiate with the Chinese," he said of Trump. "This guy is brutal when it comes to his adversaries and these countries have been taking us to the cleaners for too long,"

The anti-Trump element in the Republican party could change the rules at the convention and deny Trump the nomination on the first ballot even if he has enough delegates, Stone cautioned. He portrayed LBJ as a crude and corrupt power monger, who manipulated the situation to have John Kennedy assassinated (for more on this, see this 2013 show recap). He characterized Hillary as abrasive, mean-spirited, and greedy, and called the Bushes "crony capitalists" who hypocritically dabbled in drug trafficking. Interestingly, he suggested that the shooting of President Reagan may have been done as a kind of "warning." There is evidence for a second gunman-- one of the bullets was known as a kind of CIA ammo, he reported.


In the latter half, expert on auras, human energy and reincarnation, Dimitri Moraitis, discussed how to work with your body's auric fields, and discover your own source of unlimited spiritual energy. His associate and co-author Barbara Martin, who is able to see a person's aura, joined part of the conversation. By changing the quality of your aura, you can change the quality of your life, they say. The human aura develops over time, especially over the first seven years of life, with the full aura engaging at age 16, Moraitis cited. A person's aura is represented by a composite of different colors, and is divided into areas such as thinking, feeling, creative talent, spiritual development, and character traits, he explained (view color chart).

You can work with energies and visualize different fields to change your perspective, Moraitis continued. For instance, "if you're sad, you can call on the deep rose pink which is a loving energy. If you feel you need more confidence in your life, you can call on a gold ray, and these things will have an effect," he stated. If you want more peace, envision yourself enveloped in a purple light, while powder blue light represents inspiration, he added. He recommended a daily ½ hour meditation practice, in which a person becomes receptive to messages from the divine.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Howard Bloom



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