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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants shared her analysis of recently deceased music superstars such as Prince, and what the numbers say about the US presidential candidates. Prince was a "9" lifepath-- the old soul, which relates to how much talent he had, and he was born on a "7" day, which meant his privacy was very important to him, she detailed. But because he was in a personal year of "8," he needed to pay more attention to health matters-- Patty Duke and Glenn Frey, also passed away in personal years of "8," she noted.

Discussing the candidates, she pointed out that Bernie Sanders is a "5" lifepath which means he knows how to get people going, and will have an influential platform at the convention, even though he won't likely be the candidate. Hillary Clinton is a "3" lifepath, which means she wants to motivate and uplift others, and because she was born on an "8" day, she can be very direct and sometimes misinterpreted, McCants outlined. Donald Trump is in a personal year of "2"-- a time when people can take things emotionally and personally-- both McCain and Romney lost the presidency in cycles of "2." Clinton is in a personal year of "9" and six presidents have won during those cycles, she cited.


In the latter half, author and researcher David Wellington reported on the use of drones, and robots in government and law enforcement capacity, as well for civilian spying and surveillance. He also touched on his research into transgenics and chimeras, in which DNA from different species are combined together. In his latest novel, The Cyclops Initiative, he explores what would happen if terrorists got hold of the military's drone technology, and used it to shut down America's power grids. "We have spent billions of dollars building these things and making them kind of the ultimate killing machine. They are absolutely silent when you are on the ground, and you can't hear them coming," he said of military drones. "Once the Hellfire missile is launched, it hits the target within seconds- -there's no getting away from it."

While drones have useful applications in disaster situations, such as being able to locate people in a flood, he expressed concern over their destructive capacities, especially as their technology becomes more advanced. The Big Dog robot, which looks like a headless horse, can move through any terrain, and carry hundreds of pounds of supplies, was being eyed by the US military, but it appears they are more interested in the Atlas humanoid robot, Wellington revealed. He described the development of "narrow AI," which is when a machine or robot becomes so smart, it can make decisions faster than a human being. While this type of AI has some real advantages, such as predicting algorithms, it could turn out to be a real slippery slope, he cautioned.

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