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In the first half, Hollywood ghosthunter Rick McCallum talked about the many ghost hunting locations he and his ghost hunting group have been to, and the inexplicable paranormal activity they've seen. He first became interested in the subject when at age 13, while staying at a haunted hotel in Paducah, KY, the two wheeled beds in his room suddenly started moving toward each other until they collided. McCallum, along with the San Diego Ghost Hunters, used a "spirit box" (an electronic device also known as Frank's Box or a ghost box) as part of their ghost investigations at the haunted William Heath Davis House in San Diego.

At the Heath Davis house, he felt invisible hands on his back that tried to shove him while he sat on the stairs. When posed with the question as to who was behind this hostility, the "ghost box" declared that "spirits" were behind the shoving. He also described especially spooky locations such as the Oman House (near the former Sharon Tate home in Los Angeles), and Sloss Furnaces in Alabama-- "one of the most haunted places I've ever been," where he experienced an unseen entity poke him in the chest with what felt like its shoulder.


In the latter half, noted chronicler of the occult and esoteric, Mitch Horowitz, shared practical methods on how to use the positive powers of your mind to improve your life. "The mind comes first-- if you haven't got a goal in mind, and if you're not thinking in ways that are going to manifest that goal, you are undercutting your legs before you even get into the race," he remarked. Making a list of your desires can have incredible power, he stated. Referring to such an exercise as a "3 Step Miracle," he suggested that one carefully ponder what it is they really want in their life, then write it down as a list. Then, you should read the list when first awakening, during the day, and at night. Step 3 is to give thanks when one of your desires manifests.

Making prayers at specific times throughout the day can also yield results, as well as focusing on a goal just before you fall asleep, when you are in the hypnagogic state, which is a particularly supple and receptive frame of mind, he explained. Interestingly, one key way to improve your life, he revealed, is to stop gossiping or making detrimental remarks about others, as it breeds a kind of a negativity loop.

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