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Hutchison's Experiments/ Open Lines

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Richard Syrett welcomed John Hutchison, a self-taught Canadian inventor who has become known around the world for his remarkable experiments that show physical phenomena that are not explainable by conventional physics. He and wife Nancy, a former journalist, discussed their expeditions to sites of environmental disasters and how they claimed to have cleaned up those areas with a "ray gun." John discovered the usefulness of the device while experimenting with surplus electronic devices in the early 1980s. He described mysterious effects that included apparent transmutation of elements and anti-gravity in the area of his laboratory and said that "Effects were radiating out into the neighborhood, dishes were levitating, etc." Various organizations visited his facility, but most left because the effects could not be produced on demand, although one German group purchased his entire lab. (Related videos.) Nancy recalled that the device actually seemed to make the weather milder near their home, and that "all winter long, we had green grass on my lawn."

The Hutchisons discovered that the "ray gun" also appeared to purify contaminated water, and when the couple heard of the BP oil spill along the Gulf Coast, they packed up a 25-foot trailer and towed 2 tons of equipment to Biloxi, Mississippi to see if they could help clean up the massive toxic contamination. Nancy indicated that she discovered a way to broadcast healing tones and frequencies that seemed to help clear pollution from water. Samples from before they arrived and after they commenced their operations were submitted to a lab. Nancy said that the impurities in the water that they sent to the lab after their operations started were "undetectable." After the Fukushima disaster, they believed that the gun could protect the west coast from leaking radiation. Their next stop was Gold Beach, Oregon, where they used another, larger version of their "gun," together with smaller devices to create what they said was a zone where radiation levels are significantly decreased.


During Open Lines in the second half, "Robert" called in to relate the story of a ghost in his apartment. He awoke one night to see a white form near the bed, which apparently had its hands around his wife's neck. The apparition appeared to be an old woman, but looked like it was "made out of cigarette smoke." Soon after, they offered help a neighbor with her garden, and the series of frightening incidents mysteriously stopped. They later found out the neighbor's late mother used to own their building, and they had apparently appeased the spirit with their good deed. Caller "Jerry" had a humorous story about getting in his car one day to hear the sound of a little girl crying. He couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from until he was startled to see the child in his back seat. He had gotten into the wrong car.

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