Enlightenment & the Brain/ Akashic Records

Enlightenment & the Brain/ Akashic Records


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Andrew Newberg, Mark Robert Waldman, Kelly Maroon

In the first half, Andrew Newberg, MD, a pioneer in the field of neuroscience, and business and personal-development "NeuroCoach" Mark Robert Waldman discussed their groundbreaking work examining the pinnacle of the human experience: enlightenment. Enlightenment is the life transforming experience that includes profound feelings of oneness, clarity, and surrender. Through brain scan studies on Brazilian psychic mediums, Sufi mystics, Buddhist meditators, and others, Dr. Newberg discovered specific neurological mechanisms associated with the enlightenment experiences which are available to everybody. One finding Newberg reported is that the parietal lobe (which relates to one's sense of individuality) tends to quiet down as a person begins to experience oneness, and lose their sense of self during meditation.

Regular meditation practices can affect permanent changes in people's brains in just 8 weeks time, Newberg added, in areas that support memory and attention functions, and the thalamus, which is connected to sensory inputs and communication. Waldman shared exercises that people can try out, such as deep breathing, making multiple yawns which can immediately calm a person's mind, and the use of a "mindfulness" bell as a concentration focus and stress reducer. Making the "om" sound, especially within a group, is another way to alter and calm consciousness, he said. Many times if you have a specific problem, and then enter a meditative state, you can ask your intuition or 'inner wisdom voice' for a solution, Waldman shared.


In the latter half, doctor of philosophy, and minister Kelly Maroon spoke about her work accessing and reading the Akashic records for both people and pets. The Akashic records are a kind of GPS or footprints of the soul that contain everything that has happened in your past, and your past lives, she explained. Accessing your records can help improve oneself, heal old wounds, and find your authentic path, she noted. Angels, masters, and light beings guard our records, and communicate with Maroon about what they contain, she continued. In addition to animals also having their own Akashic records, humans have "totem animals" and animal spirits that guide us through our lives, she stated.

Maroon uses different tools, such as the Native American medicine wheel, when conducting her readings. The records typically reveal details of past lives (according to Maroon, George Noory is an "old soul," whose various lives date back over 6,000 years), and by processing and understanding issues from these lives, people can often break through blockages, she cited. If someone wants to attempt to access their Akashic records on their own, she suggested entering a prayer-full state, and prepare five well-thought out questions in advance.

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