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Astrological Insights/ Midweek Open Lines

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Astrologer Mark Lerner discussed current astrological cycles, and the charts of 2016 presidential candidates including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump's birth chart is connected to the United States' birth chart. He was born on the day of a total lunar eclipse, which can be either enlightening or lunacy, Lerner remarked. Hillary Clinton, who has the sun sign of Scorpio, could be more hawkish than either Trump or Bernie Sanders, he continued. Regarding VP candidates, Trump may well be simpatico with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, as Trump has a Sagittarius moon, and she has a Sagittarius sun, which complement each other, he detailed.

Lerner described how he views the global situation via 'Mundane Astrology,' which tracks the astrological charts of different nations, and their leaders, based on their birth charts and major events. The recent transit of Mercury (which always occurs during a period where Mercury is moving retrograde), and Jupiter turning direct may have been associated with an uptick in the stock market, he reported. The Saturn return cycle (every 29 years), which has been aligned with the 1929 and 1987 stock crashes, could be a factor in an economic downturn this year or next, he cited.

One of the things people should do about four weeks before their birthday is to reflect on your past year, so you can be "off and running" by the time your solar birthday rolls around, and make the most of the higher energy cycle. Interestingly, he noted that "your moon sign is almost more of who you are when you're born," but typically everyone is corralled into their sun signs based on newspaper horoscopes. Lerner offered astrological readings for callers in the second hour.


Midweek Open Lines were featured in the latter half. Todd in Massachusetts shared a tale of his harrowing trip to Mexico, first of being drugged in a bar, and later being robbed by police. Jeff from Juneau, Alaska described a road trip through a desolate part of the Yukon where they saw a strange old woman staring at their car at a gas station. Then, as they continued down the road, five hours later, they saw her on the road in front of them, yet no one had passed them, so she couldn't have gotten in front of them. Raymond offered a weird account of seeing an odd ghost-like entity that was chased by their dog. Later, he discovered his wife and her friends had been playing with a Ouija board.

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken, Jerome Corsi, John M. Curtis

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