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Electricity & Energy Medicine/ Psychic Observations

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In the first half, holistic doctor and energy medicine specialist Keith Scott-Mumby talked about the electrical nature of biology, and how the universe is made up of plasmas. As an example, he cited how some humans are able to produce powerful electrical effects, such as a frail child named Angelique Cottin who was able to move heavy furniture across the room by touching it. Nicknamed the "Electric Girl" she was also said to give off electric shocks. Scott-Mumby believes that plasma effects may be behind such mysterious phenomena as crop circles, poltergeists, and even alien abduction. If ball lightning or a cold plasma ball gets near a person it could affect their consciousness or knock them out, he explained.

Referring to "Radio Human," he noted that people can transmit and receive various frequencies. The double helix is a radio transmitter, and it's as if DNA was telepathic, he added. Speaking of the latest electro-medicine approaches, he reported that Microcurrent Therapy (MCT) is a refined version of the Russian SCENAR devices and helps to reduce pain, and speed up healing. Vagus Nerve Stimulation has also been showing a lot of promise, as the vagus nerve reaches most visceral organs and reduces inflammation, he stated.


In the latter half, psychic Joseph Jacobs returned to the show to share his observations about how 2016 is unfolding and what he sees on the horizon. He explained that he uses a Soul Life Reading technique, and each person and day are represented by one of the 53 playing cards. Interestingly, he noted that both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are represented by the three of diamonds, which indicates they both need to express themselves, and could have problems with women. He suspects that Trump could lose his cool during the debates in the fall.

Jacobs foresees trouble with Russia, and "some acting out" by them going on between May 18th and August. July and September are going to be rough months, he announced. He sees health issues, heavy weather conditions, and ocean problems in July, and recommends not going on a cruise during that month. "September is going to have some heavy material losses. It could be through the stock market, or the weather. It's going to be a very dramatic month," he cautioned. 2016 will continue to have advances and updates about space, he added, and there could be some news about ET contact by the end of this year, or if not then, nine years from now.

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