Illuminati & Conspiracies/ Aliens Among Us

Illuminati & Conspiracies/ Aliens Among Us


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsAlex Jones, Whitley Strieber

In the first half, documentary filmmaker, writer, and radio host Alex Jones discussed a variety of topics affecting our nation, including the race for the presidency, the Zika virus, and the latest on the Illuminati/Global Elite. During his interview with Donald Trump, Trump told him he was aware of the New World Order. "There's something real" about his campaign, and "the establishment is scared of him because he's spent no political money," said Jones, who added that since Trump's got the globalists so upset, he's decided to cautiously support his candidacy. Jones also announced that he was pleased that a lot of the issues which he, George, and Coast to Coast have been bringing to light over the last decade plus are now more widely known.

He described the Illuminati as cultural shape-shifters, with a Jekyll & Hyde demeanor. "They want a planetary government. They want humans dependent on the system. They want seeds that don't produce new seeds. They want humans sterile, so you have to have a test tube baby. They want control of the reproductive system of humans, animals, and plants." He shared details of his interview with Vivian Kubrick, the daughter and protege of the late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, who told him that everything in her father's last film "Eyes Wide Shut" (about a powerful secret society) was basically real.


In the latter half, Whitley Strieber talked about his encounters with the 'Visitors,' his alien implant, and the political climate for UFO disclosure. He also discussed the inspiration behind the new SyFy series, Hunters, which is based on his recent series of novels. The underlying theme of the books and TV show has to do with what it would be like to be a non-human yet exist in human form. Based on his interactions with a staffer on a Senate intelligence committee, he believes there is actual concern that non-humans could somehow infiltrate government, he reported.

The unexplained implant in his ear, which has been there since 1989, seems to turn on at certain occasions, causing his ear to turn bright red, he cited. Most recently, this happened when he was rehearsing his alien-themed lecture "A New World if We Can Take It," which he'll be presenting at the Contact in the Desert Conference in June. Regarding disclosure, Strieber surmised that recent comments made by John Podesta, former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, and Hillary's current campaign manager, suggest he's aware of specific classified UFO documents, and that the law requires after 30 years they be released if they don't have any national security significance.

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