The Sounds of Bigfoot

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The Sounds of Bigfoot

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Appearing with Connie Willis (email) for the full program, Ron Morehead, adventurer, author and Bigfoot expert, discussed how he witnessed, recorded, and had vocal interactions with a family of giants, commonly referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. He shared Bigfoot recordings, known as the 'Sierra Sounds,' that have changed the world of Bigfoot research.

The recordings were captured in the 1970s at a remote hunting camp, Morehead explained, noting how hunters there had first thought the sounds were being made by bears. They found a large footprint outside of the shelter and began taping the sounds they were hearing, he added. "We weren't looking for Bigfoot, none of us were... these things were probably observing the camp and the people in it for some time prior to making themselves be known," Morehead said. He described the vocalizations as aggressive, sometimes horrendous sounding.

We could hear them walking around the shelter and we all had guns ready to shoot if they came in, he continued. According to Morehead, the creatures had a paralyzing effect which usually kept the hunters in their sleeping bags. He recalled how on one rare occasion he was able to follow after them but encountered a force field. Morehead suggested at least two types of Bigfoot exist: one of alien origin and another with more ancient biblical roots.

They are interdimensional beings that can move in and out of our dimensional frequency, he revealed. "These things have the incredible ability... of somehow getting out of our perception," he said, noting how he has only ever seen them once. Morehead played several audio clips over the course of the evening. Several of the vocal interactions seemed to indicate the creatures have some type of language and are communicating with each other. Listen to the clips here.


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