Russian USO Incidents

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Russian USO Incidents

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For years, strange phenomena have been reported by people at sea. Although many of the USO (Unidentified Submersible Objects) files of the Soviet and Russian Navy remain secret, some have become available due to the painstaking efforts of dedicated researchers. UFO (and USO) experts Paul Stonehill and Richard Dolan joined George Knapp to discuss encounters by the Soviet and Russian Navy with things that are not supposed to exist including the "swimmers" of Lake Baikal, as well as strange interactions with nuclear submarines, and inexplicable events within the forbidding Arctic Ocean. In the late 1960s, the Soviet Navy became aware of objects moving at extremely fast speeds in very deep waters that defied explanation, Stonehill reported.

Some of the objects had a "croaking" sound, and special teams were assigned to study the problem without ever reaching a definitive conclusion, he continued. In 1982, at Lake Baikal, an ancient massive body of water in Siberia, Soviet armed forces were conducting training for their frogmen, when they discovered mysterious 9-ft tall beings also underwater, which they were not able to capture, Stonehill cited. Similar beings were also studied in another part of Russia in 1992, he added.

A commander in Soviet naval counter-intelligence reported an incident in the Pacific Ocean where a gigantic cylinder was observed in the sky that separated into smaller pieces which submerged into the water before returning to the cylinder. Dolan noted that USO cases occur beyond Russian waters, but are generally hushed up by the various navies that observe them. There are also many cases where UFOs have flown over bodies of water or interacted with subs, such as an incident involving nuclear submarines in the Soviet Pacific Fleet, in which six objects came out of nowhere and began following the subs from above before vanishing, Stonehill detailed.

Remembering George Carlin

First hour guest, storyteller and radio host Kelly Carlin, shared candid memories of her father, the late comedian George Carlin. While he suffered from alcohol and drug addiction, she still grew up admiring much about him and his groundbreaking career. She recounted how he was arrested at Summerfest in Milwaukee in 1972 for performing his "7 Words" monologue on stage, and how his influence on the comedy world can be felt to this day, with many comedians incorporating news and controversial elements into their material. Since his death in 2008, Kelly has often wondered how his mind would have reacted to various stories in news and politics.

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