ETs & Alien Implants

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ETs & Alien Implants

About the show

Alien expert Derrel Sims joined Jimmy Church (email) discuss the truth behind alien implants, abductions, sightings, and why ETs have continued to visit us since the dawn of time, including his recent trip to India where he investigated the case of a woman who has experienced multiple contacts with what she describes as the "monkey people." Other members of the woman's family have had contact with the same aliens who appear to them as monkey-like beings as well, he noted.

Sims detailed his trip to India to perform implant removal surgery on the woman, who had implants in her knee, side, and a rather conspicuous one in the shoulder. "That's the one we're supposed to find," he said. The implant from her shoulder was removed and found to be embedded in gray biological matter which prevents the body from recognizing it as a foreign body, Sims explained. "I'm confident that her experiences are alien," he said about the woman's story. He talked about other compelling cases including Terry Lovelace, 58-year-old retired lawyer, former Assistant Attorney General, and Air Force veteran, who had abduction experiences and may even have several alien implants in his body.

News & Conspiracies

First hour guest, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport, commented on several breaking news stories as well as the current presidential election cycle. "[It's] the craziest I've seen and we haven't even seen the beginning of it yet... It's going to be a 17-ring circus on both sides," he said. Rappoport talked about a Washington Post article on the third leading cause of death in United States—medical errors. He suggested documents exist which could expose even more corruption in the medical cartel. Regarding the downed EgyptAir plane and similar crashes, Rappoport speculated there are forces that want the evidence (and any witnesses) to sink to the bottom of the sea. He also spoke about Facebook filtering trending news and how the NSA's unchecked power could one day allow it to rig the stock market.

Advanced Civilizations & Global Cataclysms

In the second hour, researcher Graham Hancock addressed his theory that an advanced civilization flourished during the Ice Age but was destroyed in a global comet cataclysm. Hancock pointed to Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, noting the ancient site has sophisticated megalithic structures with precise astronomical alignments and is 7,000 years older than other megalithic sites, such as Stonehenge. "It just seems to pop out of nowhere," he said. According to Hancock, there were advanced civilizations prior to Gobekli Tepe which were lost during a cataclysmic epoch which began around 12,800 years ago and lasted for more than 2,000 years. "This looks to me like the work of survivors... they already knew how to create megalithic architecture and they understood agriculture," he revealed.

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