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Author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell joined George Knapp to discuss a theory that ties together a tangled web of missing money, secret technology and remnants of the Nazi regime behind the 9-11 attacks. Farrell says a globally influential group made an attempt to take over the U.S. government in September 11, 2001. He stated that after hearing the news that the U.S. was under attack, instead of going back to Washington D.C. as George W. Bush said he would do at first, he instead headed first to Barksdale and then Orfutt Air Force bases in order to confirm that he still had control of the country’s nuclear weapons. Farell said that an unidentified person called the White House that day with secret codes used for national defense and let the government know that someone else besides terrorists might be trying to take over the country.

This call, Farrell claims, is partial evidence of a "third level" in the scenario. The first level is the standard story that Muslim radicals hijacked four aircraft under direction from Osama Bin Laden. The second level are the power players in the U.S. Government, including Bush and Dick Cheney and what they knew. The third is a "global fascist mafia with deep connections" that he believes are operating in most powerful countries around the world outside of laws or any accountability. Farrell also mentioned his research into what he calls is a "Nazi International" organization composed of former Nazis and their heirs, as well as financial supporters who help to perpetuate their existence and pay for various operations around the world and who have connections to the Bin Laden family.

As for the hijackers themselves, Farrell discussed statements from their flight instructors that "none of them were very good pilots," and could not have performed the intricate aerial maneuvers that were reported. He also said that there were numerous accounts that some of the alleged hijackers were partying and doing drugs in a way that a devout Muslim would never do. As for Mohammed Atta, the radical who piloted the plane that hit the first building in New York, Farrell said that his profile and activities fit someone who appears to have the "fingerprints of a terrorist, but is an [intelligence] operative." "Karen" called in from Las Vegas in the last segment and recalled that Atta once played cards at a table where she was dealing, accompanied by another man who held his arm and told him what to do. She said that Atta "looked like a wild animal." When she called the FBI after 9/11, she said that they were not interested in talking to her.

The UFO Subculture

In the first hour, George welcomed Peter Ericksen, who, along with two other photographers and journalists from the ‪Danish School of Media and Journalism toured the U.S. in 2015 to document the UFO subculture in their book Phenomena. He recalled that they endured a cold winter by immersing themselves in books and videos about the subject, which became the inspiration for their project. Ericksen said that the book in many ways was an uphill battle, since in Europe there is "a lot of skepticism about the subject." They spent over two weeks in the southwestern United States interviewing witnesses, scientists, and UFO researchers, and shooting over 600 pictures with old film cameras for their 200 page book. Along they way, they met and talked with personalities like John Lear and John Alexander. The book will be released on July 4th.

In a segment between these guests, John Cushman told about his project to help restore old ghost towns with his charity "Dinner With A Ghost" inside actual haunted buildings.

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