Ending UFO & Free Energy Secrecy

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Ending UFO & Free Energy Secrecy

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From candid presidential candidates to recent NASA and military whistleblowers, the forces suppressing truth can no longer hold back the floodgates of disclosure, says Dr. Steven Greer, who joined Jimmy Church (email), filling in for George. Greer, a leader in the global disclosure movement, leads the ultimate campaign that ends illegal UFO and free energy technology secrecy and embraces the beginning of a new civilization on Earth.

According to Greer, secrecy on disclosure has less to do with the acknowledgement of extraterrestrial intelligence and more to do with the forces which control technology, energy, and macro-economic conditions. "If this gets disclosed, it's the end of oil, and it's the end of coal, and it's the end of nuclear power and public utilities," he said. The technologies utilized by UFOs can usher in the next chapter in human development, he added.

Greer spoke about his hope for insiders on USAPs, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, that deal specifically with the UFO/ET issue to come forward with our without the protection of an executive order. High-ranking officials, including the president and CIA Director, do not have access to these programs, he explained. "I think the public has to realize that this is a Constitutional crisis," he observed. Greer called for listeners who are, or know someone who is, working on zero point energy and over unity devices to contact him. He indicated some projects which show promise and can be validated would be funded and shared freely with the world.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Nathaniel in Salt Lake City told Jimmy about episodes of alien contact he has had throughout his life. Nathaniel recalled seeing two entities in his bedroom when he was two years old, and then later in life having some physical encounters on a craft with beings which appeared to be Grays. Jimmy from St. Louis reported on his alien abduction experiences. "I've actually had physical contact with an ET," he admitted, noting these encounters began when he was a teenager. According to Jimmy, the ETs use interferometric technology to tune into frequencies that are invisible to human senses. Blair in Sedona, Arizona, spoke about the 'Quarantine Enforcers' mentioned in Jim Marrs' book, Alien Agenda. These tiny artificial devices hover about an orbit around Earth and are the cause of many of our rocket failures, Blair suggested.

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