Government Corruption/ Healing & Past Life Regression

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Government Corruption/ Healing & Past Life Regression

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Author and political appointee Lance Simmens has published about 180 articles in the Huffington Post, but his most recent article, "Why our Children Should Hate Us," discussing the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover up to Catastrophe was pulled almost immediately when he posted it a few weeks ago. He joined Richard Syrett to discuss his contention that there is corruption behind agencies like the EPA and FDA and many other government groups tasked with protecting the public interest. He also called out the media and what he says is its abandonment of responsibility to investigate crimes of power and influence. Simmens worked on the staffs of both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, as well as two governors over a 40 year career and works as an unpaid commentator for HuffPo.

Simmens says that his Vaxxed commentary was pulled from the site within 20 minutes of posting. The reason given was that the site did not publish "conspiracy theories" and that the documentary had been conclusively debunked. This worried Simmens, who commented that "anytime you publish something and then take it down, that counts as censorship." He was locked out of his account and then reinstated with a 24–48 hour review period or future articles. He feels that this is a symptom of the breakdown of major media and its responsibility to present all sides of an issue. As a consequence, Simmens believes that the U.S. government now has little oversight and "both parties need to get reeducated on the concept of public service." Before his segment was over, he pointed out that the Huffington Post is now owned by Verizon, who have a former Merck executive on their board. Merck owns the patent on the vaccine that is discussed in the documentary.


Second half guest Dr. Elena Gabor talked to Richard about her work with past-life regression therapy. Gabor accesses healing through the exploration of the subconscious, the history of the soul, and the afterlife. She says her work is "based on the concept that the soul survives physical death" and claimed that the various lives of any soul can influence each other. Gabor even believes that such serious diseases as cancer can be cured by "resolving energy blockages" in the body. She expressed her feeling that the practice of past-life therapy is becoming more accepted by mainstream psychology, and that her work is to help patients to address unresolved experiences to deal with pain, health problems, and unwanted behavior patterns.

Gabor's patient Gina Rodriguez was then brought into a hypnotic state off-air (because of the danger of listeners falling into a trance while driving, etc.) and described a past life as a miner who was severely injured and crippled in an explosion or cave-in. She began by saying that she was in "a small place" and her arms and legs were wrapped in bandages. When out of the trance, Rodriguez said that the regressions are "like a dream, but you're aware and conscious of what you’re thinking." Asked if her patients actually recall past lives, Gabor allowed that some may look upon their experiences as "powerful metaphors, rather than a literal past life." Related videos here.

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