Hijacked Trillions

Hijacked Trillions


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsLon Gibby, Lee Emil Wanta, Colin Hall

Guest host Richard Syrett welcomed Lon Gibby, president and CEO of Gibby Media Group, for a discussion on the subject of his documentary, Eagle One to Wanta, which tells how President Reagan's secret agent, Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta, masterminded a creative way to financially take down the Soviet economy. Gibby described Wanta as a super-intelligent, real-life James Bond, who was given $150 billion loan from the U.S. to carry out his mandate. Wanta made a series of massive currency swaps to devalue the Russian ruble and bankrupt the Soviet Union, Gibby explained. "By the time [Wanta] got done their military didn't even have the money to pay for gasoline," he said. According to Gibby, Wanta paid back the loan within six months and eventually amassed a trillions of dollars through his various business dealings.

Ambassador Wanta joined in the third hour of the program to discuss how he made his $31.2 trillion fortune, the current location of the funds, and his wish to have it go back to the American people to build a high-speed rail system and deal with the country's debt. In his effort to carry out the mandate given him by Reagan, Wanta was falsely imprisoned and the funds were converted (stolen) illegally into the Federal Reserve system. Wanta said the U.S. Department of the Treasury has located his funds and currently have charge of the money. He talked about his efforts to have the trillions of dollars repatriated to the U.S., and a new ruling by a district court judge which acknowledged the money legally belongs to Wanta.

Paranormal Car Accidents

In the first hour, security consultant and researcher Colin Hall detailed his investigation into two unusual car accidents in England and France that seemed to have paranormal elements. In 2009 there was a multi-vehicle pileup on the M6 motorway near Birmingham, Hall reported. According to witnesses, the accident was preceded by a flash of light and occupants in the front three vehicles allegedly vanished. An audio recording purportedly from a police officer on scene confirms nobody was found in the front three vehicles, Hall said.

Another accident with eerily similar details occurred in Paris in March 2010, when a bright light pre-empted a crash involving at least two vehicles, Hall explained. Passengers claimed to see the occupants in those vehicles momentarily disappear then reappear, he noted. In a bizarre twist, the bodies were taken to a morgue where video surveillance caught someone injecting them with some type of device, Hall revealed.



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