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Researcher David Sereda revealed how precise mathematical measurements show the God of the Bible designed the Great Pyramid, as well as other structures, and how it is related to the last prophecy that Peter Lemesurier made in his book The Great Pyramid Decoded. According to Sereda, a single formula ties the Great Pyramid of Giza to Noah's Ark, Ezekiel's Temple, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple, and it all begins with converting the (Ancient Egyptian) royal cubit into 20.605 inches.

Sereda explained how multiplying the length of Noah's Ark by a royal cubit-inch (20.605 inches), then dividing the result by 12 inches per foot, produces a sequence of numbers, 5.15125, which are common in all of the aforementioned ancient structures. "Everything God ever made uses that unit," he said. If one multiplies the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant by 2.5 royal cubits (51.5125 inches), the result is the slope angle of the Great Pyramid, he revealed. Sereda suggested the original capstone of the Great Pyramid was actually a cube that shared dimensions with the Holy of Holies from Solomon's Temple.

Sereda spoke about Lemesurier's research, which led him to believe the Great Pyramid is a time clock of significant future events in human history. After his book was published, several events Lemesurier believed the pyramid predicted actually did occur, Sereda noted. According to Lemesurier, there is more to come: a total collapse of material civilization by the year 2025, followed by a period of reconstruction ahead of a Messianic sign in the sky in 2034, and finally the Second Coming in 2039.

UFO Sightings at Contact In The Desert

Host Jimmy Church (email) was a witness to the multiple UFO sightings at Contact in the Desert 2016 in Joshua Tree, California, along with hundreds of others. In the first hour, he spoke with Melinda Leslie, who hosted the night-vision event, and shared what everyone saw on the evening of Saturday, June 4.

Jimmy described witnessing what appeared to be a planet or star move across the night sky then disappear, as well as a fast-moving object which looked like a large chrome-green Christmas ornament. "I'm not sure how high everything was, but I don't think the majority of what we saw were out of the atmosphere," he said. Leslie reported on several glowing aerial objects seen that weekend, including a vibrant blue light, followed by a reddish-amber orb, with two green lights trailing behind. Three additional green-colored lights appeared, formed a triangular pattern, then shot up into space, she recalled.

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