World in Disarray

World in Disarray


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsSteve Quayle, Open Lines

Steve Quayle thinks that the world situation is accelerating faster than most of us can conceive. He started the show by telling George that things "are fascinating, and not in a good way." He sees recent events as conforming to Biblical prophecy, especially the strange "trumpet" sounds that have been reported around the world, since they "are in a frequency range that people have not heard before." He says that these sounds are produced by "black physics" technology, which use advanced scientific knowledge that is held back from the general public and most scientists.

Much of this knowledge has been reverse engineered from technology known to ancient societies as well as ET civilizations, Quayle claims. Another aspect of this underground development is human cloning and the creation of animal-human hybrids that Quayle called "chimeras," which he thinks are part of a military program to produce an invincible soldier. He also believes that intelligence agencies around the world have been actively working on recovering ancient knowledge for use in modern warfare and covert operations.

Quayle also sees signs of massive Earth changes, such as the fact that many powerful volcanoes have come to life in recent years, including Popocatépetl near Mexico City. He pointed out that the last major catastrophic volcanic eruption occurred in 1815 and spewed so much material into the atmosphere that it caused the "year without a summer," wiping out crops worldwide. George asked his guest about chemtrails, and he replied that they are not only intended as geoengineering projects, but an effort to "destroy the barriers that God put there in order to protect the Earth from evil beings." When one caller asked how Quayle verifies his information, he replied that he "does his homework" and that he "believes nothing in the mainstream press."

Open Lines

During Open Lines in the last hour, Mary told how she was apparently teleported across a busy street in New York City. Marcus from the Netherlands said that friends who used to laugh at his interest in subjects covered on Coast to Coast have recently been asking him for more information and also thinks that the Holland will leave the EU soon. Brittany from South Carolina told George that she and her husband had a new tire blow out on their car, forcing them to go home to get a replacement. They arrived just in time to prevent their two-year-old son from choking to death from a sheet that he had gotten wrapped around his neck.

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