Bilderberg Group & ETs/ Internal GPS

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Bilderberg Group & ETs/ Internal GPS

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In the first half, pioneer in the development of exopolitics, Michael Salla discussed his latest article, "Resolving The Bilderberg Group Mystery: Global Banking, Nazis, and Alien Alliances." The exclusive Bilderberg group, which just completed their yearly meeting (this year in Dresden, Germany), has been characterized as a kind of "shadow government," he commented. The full set of participants discuss and coordinate policies which are then decided upon by a "mysterious steering committee" of about 24 individuals, he continued. Salla recounted the bizarre tale of a hotel employee, "Mr. B," who worked at the site where the meeting was held in 1991. Instructed to hand deliver a note to one of the attendees of what was likely the steering committee meeting, Mr. B described hearing a cacophony of sound that was indecipherable, and a misty cloud obscuring the individual faces of each seated member. Subsequently, he suffered from an extreme headache.

Salla connected this account with people's experiences of being in the presence of ETs or some type of otherworldly element. He believes the Bilderberg group formed in the wake of the Nazis making a deal with Reptilian ETs for their aeronautical craft and weapon technology-- the 1952 UFO wave over DC was actually Fourth Reich spaceships, he suggested. Salla cited the testimony of former US Navy Intelligence operative and aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, who claims US Navy spies first learned that the Nazi war effort was being aided by ET visitors. Salla also revealed new information from contactee/ whistleblower Corey Goode that the elite and their cargo are currently being transported via submarines to locations in Antarctica and South America as a safe haven from an upcoming "killshot" from the sun. For more, check out Salla's video on Global ExoPolitics.


In the latter half, entrepreneur and teacher Zen Cryar DeBrucke talked about how our bodies and souls have a GPS system similar to cars that helps us get where we want to go. Too often though, we ignore the life-directional system we were each born with. She demonstrated how to tune in to this guidance, abandon destructive relationship patterns, and follow the best course of action. Each person has a unique Internal Guidance System (IGS) that contains information we are often not consciously aware of, she noted. The way one thinks about a given situation creates physical feelings in their body.

"By changing my thinking I would get this open feeling and I knew the right course of action...and I didn't have those self-sabotaging moments any more," she said. IGS works by monitoring closed (tightness) and open (expansive) feelings that tend to be located in the pit of the stomach or solar plexus, DeBrucke outlined. "When something is out of alignment with what's good for you, it shows up as a closing in the body," she explained. IGS can also be used to help manifest goals and changes in one's life, she added.

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