Dallas Shootings

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Dallas Shootings

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The main part of the show dealt with the breaking news story of the shooting of multiple police officers in Dallas, Texas, during a peaceful protest march against police violence that had occurred in other states. Taylor Millard, the Texas correspondent for iHeartMedia 24/7 News, shared updates throughout the evening, reporting that the number of Dallas police officers killed by sniper attacks had risen from four to five, and that the third suspect, who'd been holed up in a parking garage had killed himself. Joining the program in separate half-hour segments Jerome Corsi, John M. Curtis, Dr. Peter Breggin, and Robert Morningstar offered commentary and analysis as the news unfolded.

Corsi called for calm as the facts of who was behind the shooting have yet to emerge, and also pointed to the rise of social media video as possibly stirring violence. Curtis suggested that the perpetrators were well-prepared for their attack, and cited economic inequities and poverty in the inner cities as leading to a combustible situation. Breggin talked about the vulnerability of the police, while Morningstar said the situation had the hallmarks of a carefully staged military psy-op.

Callers also reacted to the shootings throughout the evening. 'Church' from Las Vegas poignantly remarked that 'eye for an eye' killings would lead to a blind nation. Mike in Ohio expressed concern that the police may be becoming too militarized, while Rodney in Mobile believes that a paramilitary organization was behind the attack. Jeff, a retired police detective, said in the "big picture" view, he sees the Dallas shootings as a kind of "social engineering" geared to sow social discord, that will eventually lead to martial law.

EMP Attack Concerns

First hour guest, Professor of History, William R. Forstchen, discussed the looming dangers of an EMP attack which could knock out the electrical grid. Most recently news has emerged that Iran could be targeting America's grid with an EMP weapon. A pulse weapon such as this, lofted above the US' atmosphere, would use a gamma ray burst to set up a disturbance in the power grid system, shutting it down across vast swaths, he explained. Yet, the federal government and Congress have yet to form a cohesive response or strategy to protect the grid, he lamented.

News guests: John Lott, Taylor Millard iHeartMedia Texas correspondent, Howard Bloom

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