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Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren reported on new evidence of extraterrestrial contact he discovered while investigating a 2,000-year-old astronomical observatory in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It is the oldest observatory in the Antilles and the site of the oldest cemetery in the region, he explained. "Some of these little artifacts that they have pulled from the ground there look very much like extraterrestrials," Warren said, noting how one artifact in particular looks like Steven Spielberg’s ET. The ancient people there were into cranial elongation and snorting hallucinogenic powder to communicate with flying gods, he added.

The alignment of stones at the site form a line running northeast to southwest, which marks a known UFO highway based on sighting reports, Warren continued. Within this corridor, Homeland Security in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, captured stunning UFO footage on April 25, 2013. Thermal imaging shows a dark object zipping around at high speeds before diving into the water, re-emerging as two objects, then finally disappearing into the Atlantic Ocean, Warren revealed, suggesting the possibility of an underwater base. He provided an update on the WOW! Signal experiment he conducted with George in 2014, when an object producing high-pitched sounds was filmed visiting coordinates specified in his message. Warren also announced an upcoming live video stream from a UFO host spot in Bermuda Triangle.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Josh in Omaha, Nebraska, shared an end times vision he had when he was 13 years old. According to Josh, his vision included images of a blood-red sky, a world which looked like a bomb or asteroid had struck, and where tanks rolled down streets littered with the bodies of melted people.

Kelly from San Clemente, California, related a story passed down by her grandmother, whose cousin had served in the military and was purportedly involved in clean-up duties at the Roswell UFO crash site. The cousin claimed to have retrieved from the area a flat piece of metal resembling aluminum. "When she crunched it in her hand it would crumple up and then instantly, when she let it go, it would lay flat again," Kelly revealed.

Joe in the Bronx told George about seeing the ghost of his younger brother, who passed away at 27 years old, as well as his father's spirit. Even though the sightings did not last long, they provided a sense of comfort in knowing life continues after death, he explained. "It's encouraging because I think that, in a sense, [deceased loved ones] are with us and watching over us," Joe said.

News segment guests: John Curtis / Lauren Weinstein / Peter Davenport

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