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Military ET Encounters

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Jimmy Church (email) was joined by Sgt. Clifford Stone, who claims to have served on top secret UFO crash retrieval missions where he had physical contact with downed extraterrestrial craft and interacted directly with captured non-human life forms. According to Stone, there are other witnesses who can verify what he has seen but they are "scared to death to talk" out of fear of government retribution. Stone explained that on any given day his military outfit would pick up and catalogue multiple TOIs (Tracks of Interest), a few of which were maneuvering in deep space. "Some of those are, in fact, craft that did not originate on this planet," he reported.

The mode of travel for extraterrestrial craft is not based on what we understand about aerodynamics and propulsion, he continued. "When they first started to come here we were saying it was impossible because we would see them going at 7,000 and 9,000 mile per hour and there was no sonic boom," Stone said. What we know now is their vehicles displace time-space via anti-matter propulsion through traversable wormholes, he revealed, noting how a trip from a star system 100 light years away only takes about an hour and 40 minutes.

Stone described a 1973 incident in Augusta, Georgia, where he entered a craft approximately 35-feet in diameter and discovered it was much larger inside. A 100-ft measuring tape was too short to measure the length of the center chamber, he disclosed, suggesting there are multi-dimensional realities within the vehicle. Stone also mentioned a book cataloging 57 different alien life forms, which was used to identify and provide care instructions for any occupants found inside downed extraterrestrial craft.


Government UFO Documents

First hour guest, Canadian UFO disclosure advocate Victor Viggiani discussed secret NORAD files, which demonstrate the UFO phenomena has been analyzed and sequestered at the highest levels of governance and military authority. The documents record an encounter between CF-18 fighter jets and a track of unknown origin at 35,000 feet, he explained. Viggiani talked about a letter from NORAD that seems to indicate he is in breach of national security and espionage laws for disseminating these files, even though they were provided to him by the agency and clearly marked unclassified. "I possibly got this document in error... they just let it slip," he suggested.

Viggiani also spoke about a document from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which describes "a vehicle that travelled in outer space" discovered in northern Saskatchewan. "Not only are they seeing [UFOs] but the government is hiding information about it," he revealed.

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