Location of Atlantis/ Skulls, Giants, & Anomalies

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Location of Atlantis/ Skulls, Giants, & Anomalies

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In the first half, research physicist and author Stan Deyo discussed his most recent work, a startling new theory on the location of Atlantis. He believes that an enormous asteroid impacted Earth around 2200 – 2300 BC, leaving a crater some 250 miles in diameter, part of which is along the eastern coastline of India. The crater was covered up because it shoved the surface of India up over the ocean bed up toward the Himalayas when it hit, he explained. Before the impact, Atlantis was a huge island that included the Arabian peninsula, Deyo suggested. But with subsequent massive flooding, land movements, and tsunamis, part of the island sank, another part was raised up, and it eventually reconnected to adjacent land masses, he said (view related images and animations).

The flood, which he considers to be the Great Flood written about in the Bible, wiped out all life on Atlantis, and elsewhere on the planet, though there were sporadic survivors. "Atlanteans were hybrid humans," who were the result of breeding between humans and visiting "gods," he continued, adding that Noah, himself, was an Atlantean, though he and his family were pure bred, and not mixed with the bloodline of the visitors. Deyo also announced the publication of his wife Holly's new book, Prophetic Perils.


In the latter half, author and researcher L.A. Marzulli and writer/producer Richard Shaw spoke about their latest 'Watchers' documentary (view excerpt) and presented updates on the testing of an elongated Peruvian skull, an odd winged humanoid creature, giants, and other strange anomalies. The two believe that some of the elongated skulls from Peru were not caused by deliberate cranial deformation but possibly represent some other type of genetics. One geneticist tested a skull sample and said that the mitochondrial DNA was completely unknown, Marzulli reported. An anomalous skull from a collection in Oregon was also examined, and one archaeologist found significant differences between it and a normal human skull, particularly with the opening at the spinal column, Shaw cited.

Researcher Jaime Maussan showed Shaw and Marzulli the small, winged creature he keeps in a jar of formaldehyde and they made X-rays, which revealed its bone structure. "It was about 9-10 inches...black leathery skin, it's got fangs protruding from lips that curl back...it has hands, and feet...pointy ears" and "the first thing I thought of...was this looks like what comes out of the Abyss, which we read about in the Book of Revelation," Marzulli detailed, adding that he and Shaw do not believe it's a hoax. They also talked about the case of a giant said to be shot by a military pilot in Kandahar, Afghanistan after it impaled one of the other soldiers. The case was first reported by Steve Quayle on our 12/3/08 show.

News segment guests: Joe Gomez, John M. Curtis, Howard Bloom, Lauren Weinstein

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