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Animal Communication/ Open Lines

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Former Deputy Sheriff in Bailey, Colorado, Karen Anderson experienced heightened awareness honing her intuitive skills on the force dealing with life-threatening situations while on patrol. During this time she rediscovered her childhood gift of animal communication and has been helping others to bridge the divide and understand the mind of animals. "You'd be surprised what the animals can tell you... and animals don't lie," Anderson said. Animals can send messages in the flash of an image and read our minds, though they do not understand certain human concepts, she explained. Pets can provide detailed intelligence about their humans, including information related to upcoming surgeries, job changes, and relationship issues, Anderson added.

"I actually hear the animals, I can hear them speaking to me," she revealed, pointing out how the eyes of the animals play a critical role in the communication. Anderson spoke about pets assisting investigations during her days as a law enforcement officer. She shared details about one case in which the client's brother had been murdered. His cats communicated the initials of the primary suspect as well as specifics on his physical appearance, she reported. Anderson also commented on speaking to deceased animals. "They're actually easier for me to connect with than those that are here and alive... [because] they are pure energy," she said.


During the Open Lines portion of the show, Bernie from New Jersey admitted to remote viewing a room in George's house on a previous occasion in which he phoned into the program. He described a room with a dark appearance, possibly from rich wood paneling, containing an older chair with wooden arms, a reading light, and filled with books. George validated Bernie's vision, noting his house in St. Louis has a room with two old chairs with wood arm rests, a light for reading, in front of a bookcase brimming with books he has collected since his early twenties.

Vanessa from Kansas City, Missouri, told George about a stray dog she welcomed into her home. "This dog, there was something different about him... he saved other animals," she said. According to Vanessa, the dog brought a baby bird to the house gently clutched in his mouth. The bird did not have a scratch on it, she recalled. Vanessa also recounted the time her dog fetched a mouse from the road before it was hit by an oncoming car. John in Ontario, Canada, reported a loud rumbling which shook his house so violently things fell off shelves. He went outside to witness a WWII era bomber flying very low overhead. John questioned whether the sighing really happened. "It flew into this one small cloud... it never came out," he said.

News segment guests: John Curtis / Steve "Dr. Sky" Kates / Peter Davenport

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