Natural Supplementation/ Irish Mythology & Psychopaths

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Natural Supplementation/ Irish Mythology & Psychopaths

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In the first half, pharmacist and nutritionist Benjamin Fuchs offered tips on diet and supplementation in order to combat various physical ailments and health problems. When it comes to people who have multiple symptoms occurring, it's best to treat the root cause, which generally comes down to a triangle of three systems, he said-- first, it's the digestive system, followed by the the blood sugar system, and then the adrenal/thyroid access, which when it breaks down leads to further disease. Periodic fasting and probiotics can help the digestive system, and good fat, protein, electrolytes, and B vitamins help stabilize the blood sugar system, he cited.

Regarding seizure disorders, one of the most powerful treatment strategies is the ketogenic diet-- a high fat diet that duplicates the anti-seizure properties of fasting, he noted. The mineral selenium has anti-estrogenic benefits, which makes it important for dealing with autoimmune issues, and hot flashes, and it has anti-cancer effects as well, he said. For chemical sensitivities, he recommended strengthening the body's detox system with the amino acid glutamine, as well as copper, selenium, magnesium, and Vitamin C.


Musician, communication consultant, and author Thomas Sheridan came to international recognition in 2011 with his bestselling book, "Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath." He detailed what he discovered about psychopaths, and also shared his research on ancient Irish mythology, the Druids, fairies, and giants. When you rise to a certain point in any profession, you may encounter a psychopathic person with a predatory nature. They have a soulless or cold quality, and use their abilities to manipulate or hurt others in order to get ahead, he outlined. While about 1% of the population are said to be psychopathic, a subset of these turn out to be serial killers, he added.

Sheridan suggested that a cataclysm took place in 2500 BC that he believes was the origin of Plato's Atlantis story. The megalithic arc of the western Atlantic, as well as the western Mediterranean are what is left of this lost civilization, he argued. Irish mythology has a similar theme to the Atlantis tale, about a highly evolved civilization that was devastated in a flood or calamity, and there is evidence that this did indeed take place around 2500 BC in a large swath of Britain, he continued. The ancient Druids followed a nature-based religion, and the notion that reincarnation was not related to karma or punishment. They believed you could be reincarnated backwards in time, forwards in time, or even in current time, without any particular chronology, he revealed.

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