Women In Black/ Life & Work of Manly Hall

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Women In Black/ Life & Work of Manly Hall

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You've heard of the Men in Black, mysterious dark-suited men who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet. But have you heard of the Women in Black? In the first half, researcher Nick Redfern joined George Knapp to discuss the dark and disturbing evidence surrounding stories of Women In Black (WIB) including their involvement with alien abductions, Mothman, and the supernatural. Among the explanations, he considers "government agents" to be least likely, with other theories suggesting alien-human hybrids, paranormal entities, and time travelers. The women are often described as looking very pale and wearing long black wigs that may be an attempt to camouflage their faces.

The WIBs don't really understand our mannerisms and ways of talking, as though "somebody has constructed something that looks human but has none of the basic human faculties," he remarked. Redfern delved into the work of Albert Bender, a UFO researcher who first described MIBs-- interestingly Bender's family had a history of encounters with a mysterious Woman in Black, who materialized in his cousin's room, and had a bony, white, face. John Keel revealed cases that mirror modern day alien abduction reports. These involved pregnant women, including one name named Helen, who had strange UFO experiences and visits from WIBs that were later said to help deliver the babies.


In the latter half, LA Times staff writer Louis Sahagun talked about the curious life and work of occult writer Manly Palmer Hall, who arrived in Los Angeles in 1919, and became one of the 20th century's most prolific writers and speakers on ancient philosophies, mysticism and magic, as well as a confidant of celebrities and politicians. He was the author of the landmark esoteric publication "The Secret Teachings of All Ages," and the founder of the Philosophical Research Society. "Manly Hall taught that there were enduring values and core knowledge in the beginning of...humankind and that these notions were applicable for all time including to help remedy modern anxiety," Sahagun explained.

Hall proffered the uplifting notion that an ancient directive of hierophants or sorcerers decreed that mankind would culminate its evolution in the United States, and specifically in Southern California. Yet Hall's life entailed various controversies and prejudiced attitudes, and he died in 1990 under "suspicious circumstances" that were investigated as a possible homicide. Bizarrely, when his body was discovered there were ants crawling out of various orifices that might have been placed there as part of an alternative health practice to remove negative energies, Sahagun detailed.

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