ET Exchange Program/ Out-of-Body Travels & Past Lives

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ET Exchange Program/ Out-of-Body Travels & Past Lives

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In the first half, UFO and paranormal researcher, Len Kasten, discussed an alleged secret government exchange program with ETs (known as Ebens) from the planet Serpo, which is said to be in the Zeta Reticuli star system. Much of his information is culled from "Anonymous" who began revealing details about Project Serpo in 2005. Kasten has concluded that Anonymous was actually a high level DIA officer, who briefed Presidents and probably was a member of the MJ-12 commission. According to Anonymous, in 1965, 12 astronauts traveled to Serpo via an alien craft on a 10 month journey, that involved travel through wormholes.

Anonymous shared new information in 2015, Kasten reported, revealing that one of the Serpo astronauts actually survived until 2014, and met with Pope Benedict back in 2009 at the Vatican to discuss his experiences. The Ebens (who share some similarities to the Greys but have smaller eyes) have held meetings with Earth governments on nine occasions, and the Vatican has always been informed of these interactions, he added. For more on Project Serpo, view recaps of Kasten's appearances in 2013 and 2014. The moon has many alien structures, as well as some built by previous Earth civilizations, such as the Atlanteans, who were space-faring, Kasten declared. He also touched on his forthcoming book Alien Word Order, which presents details about underground Reptilian bases on Earth, and how some members of the Illuminati have Reptilian bloodlines.


In the second half, expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, talked about out-of-body experiences (OBE) and dimensional travel. This kind of travel is quite safe, he suggested, and people can visit such places as the astral, causal, and etheric planes. While the lower astral plane is the home of creepy entities and psychic attacks, the higher part of the plane contains an 'Astral Museum' where you can view futuristic technologies, he said. A conscious OBE or COBE, is an ascension technique that Goldberg developed, for a person to connect directly to their higher self, rather than lingering in the lower astral plane.

He also delved into cases of past life regressions that he's conducted, such as with TV host Jerry Springer, who relived a past life as a knight who saved a woman from a sword attack. Interestingly, the woman he saved in that life is currently his daughter Kirstie in his current incarnation, Goldberg shared. Regarding his time traveling views of the future, in the 35th century people will be able to live to between 500 to 900 years old, and have teleportation devices in their homes.

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