Ancient Mysteries & Prophecy/ Star Trek Anniversary

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Ancient Mysteries & Prophecy/ Star Trek Anniversary

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In the first half, author and historian Jonathan Cahn discussed his new work, The Book of Mysteries, which reveals hidden details surrounding such topics as end times, the name of God, ancient Israel, and prophecy. Among the mysteries he presented:

  • "I am" is the name of God, so when we introduce ourselves, we are announcing that we come from God.
  • Biblical Hebrew has a timelessness to it, where the future is sometimes described in the past tense, and vice-versa. "We are to live from what we are to become," he explained.
  • The secret meaning of the word Apostasia (which refers to end times) is the falling away from the state of humanity, which we are increasingly seeing around us in a "post-Christian" civilization.
  • The 'Ninth of Av' mystery refers to a day of calamity that occurs on the same date in biblical accounts. One of these dates corresponds to when the Jews were expelled from Spain. The day after, the tenth of Av, there were three ships in the harbor-- Columbus' ships leaving for America, signaling redemption and connecting the future US to this ancient cycle.
  • The 8th Day is the mysterious appointed day described in the Bible, and it refers to eternity, beyond space and time.

Cahn also updated the 'Harbinger' prophecies, how omens from ancient texts which determined the fate of nations in biblical times, are reappearing now in the US.


In the second half, writer, producer, and director, Marc Zicree talked about the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek series-- it was exactly 50 years ago on this evening that the first episode of the visionary series debuted on NBC. Interestingly, the bright, colorful appearance of the original series appealed to RCA, the parent company of NBC, and one of the reasons they chose to air Star Trek was to help them sell their new color TV sets. The cult phenomenon of Star Trek really took off when the show went into syndication and started airing five times a week, in an era before VCRs, he added. Zicree was a fan from the early days and went to Trek conventions where he met some of the writers from the show, noteworthy sci-fi authors such as Harlan Ellison and Richard Matheson, and TV writer D.C. Fontana, all whom creator Gene Roddenberry had smartly enlisted to write for the show.

Zicree would eventually go on to become a writer for later Star Trek series such as "Star Trek: Next Generation" and Deep Space Nine (DS9). He wrote the notable DS9 episode, "Far Beyond the Stars" in which Capt. Sisko finds himself back in the 1950s as a science-fiction writer, with cast members seen out of their alien make-ups playing other writers from that era. Originally NBC had a planned a sequel called Star Trek Phase II but instead Paramount decided to focus on Star Trek movies after the success of Star Wars, Zicree noted. He also spoke about his Space Command TV series (a pilot has been completed and is being shopped to various networks), and his YouTube channel, Mr. Sci-Fi.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Lauren Weinstein

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