Spirit Board Revelations

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Spirit Board Revelations

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Spirit board communicator Barry Strohm joined guest host Dave Schrader (email) for the entire program to explore the details of many of the world's most famous conspiracy cases. From what John F. Kennedy had to say about his own assassination, to the insight that Butch Cassidy and Billy the Kid died of old age, Strohm revealed the secrets that only spirits from beyond can tell. "The channeling board allows us to do direct communication with the other side," Strohm said, noting the board he uses is like a Ouija board but circular with a glass top and is used in conjunction with a shot glass shaped planchette. A prayer of protection is said before each recorded session, he added. According to Strohm, the departed want the truth about their conspiracies told, and high-level guides on the other side help facilitate the communication.

The spirit of JFK disclosed how Lyndon B. Johnson set up the assassination after being informed he was to be excluded on the ticket for Kennedy's second term, Strohm reported. Five gunman, including Frank Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt, were involved in the plot to kill JFK but Lee Harvey Oswald was not among them, he continued, adding Sturgis fired the kill shot. Regarding another famous presidential assassination, Strohm explained Abraham Lincoln was ordered killed by Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, who hired John Wilkes Booth to pull the trigger.

Booth did not die on a farm in Virginia as history records. He changed his name to John St. Helen, married a woman in Kentucky, left her and his new family to run a bar in Texas, then committed suicide in 1903 in Oklahoma, Strohm revealed. Booth's body was acquired by a Kentucky lawyer, mummified, and put on display at the 1904 World's Fair, he added. Strohm also provided details about Buddy Holly's tragic death. For the Holly session, Strohm had "Peggy Sue" Gerron on a Skype line to confirm what the spirit of Holly was saying through the board. Apparently, the mob wanted a piece of Holly's success, he refused, so they did something to bring down his airplane, Strohm said. He also spoke about animal spirit communication.

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