Psychic Ramifications of 9/11

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Psychic Ramifications of 9/11

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In the second half of the program, Mark Anthony the "Psychic Lawyer," who specializes in communication with spirits, joined Dave Schrader (email) to discuss the psychic ramifications of 9/11. He said that it was "our generation’s Pearl Harbor." Anthony compared the aftermath to a sort of post-traumatic stress disorder for the entire country and added that "we’re still feeling it today." Anthony says that he was supposed to take a tour of the World Trade Center four months before September 11, 2001, but refused to enter the building because he’d had a terrible premonition about a tragedy that would occur. He also claims to have had foreknowledge about the Paris terrorist attacks and the Orlando shootings on the day before both events, but "the problem with premonitions is that they don’t generally come with a time and date stamp."

Anthony continued by declaring that events such as 9/11 "affect us on an emotional and physical level" and said that when a negative event happens it creates "waves" in matter that continue to reverberate forwards and backwards through time. Psychics are particularly sensitive to these waves, he says, and this is how they are able to foresee tragedies. He theorized that that the phenomenon of ghosts may be the remnants of events being played back over and over, and not the actual spirit of a person.

In the third hour, Anthony recalled a tour he took in Russia with a state-sponsored guide. When asked the difference between Communist freedom and the American variety, the guide said that in his country, it was in "the freedom to say what you want after you say it," meaning the risk was arrest for exercising this "freedom." During call-ins, "Donny" described his feelings as a sailor on the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy and how seeing New York right after 9/11 made him re-enlist until his recent retirement. He said he wanted to "repay his debt" to his country after his parents immigrated from Iran. Debbie from Vancouver asked how to deal with "all the aggression" she sees daily. Anthony said that "every religion can be boiled down to two words: "Be nice." He concluded the program with the advice to "be the best person you can be."


In the first hour, author Brad Meltzer talked about the recent unveiling of the famous flag at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York City, which was located and returned by his History Channel special, America's 9/11 Flag: Rise from the Ashes. The "Ground Zero Flag" was featured in a famous wire service photo that was circulated around the world in the days after September 11. The flag disappeared almost immediately, and when Meltzer’s program made an appeal to locate it, a reply came in just four days. A forensic examination confirmed that the flag had residue from the WTC wreckage. The dust "was like fingerprint" Meltzer said, since it contained a unique combination of materials that were in the air at the time. A former Marine turned in the flag to a fire station and refused the reward money. During Open Lines, Greg from New Jersey said that on the day the events occurred, both his firefighter father and a building engineer he knew said that it looked like a "controlled demolition." Sharon in Missouri called in to share her memories of the terrible day and said that we should honor the dead and others who have died for freedom around the world by "caring about your country and taking your responsibilities seriously."

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