Hegemony & Global Elite/ Crypto Phenomena in PA

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Hegemony & Global Elite/ Crypto Phenomena in PA

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In the first half, William Engdahl, who has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, discussed details of the recent proposed Monsanto/Bayer merger and how a tiny group of global elite are gaining control over the world's oil, agriculture and currencies. Regarding the potential $66 billion merger, "I think it's a ghastly catastrophe for the world, and for agriculture, and the security of the food chain. If the US Congress lets this one go through, there's no such thing as anti-trust law when it comes to certain prized multinational corporations," he commented. The merger would give them around 1/3 of the total world agrochemical market, and individually each company is known for environmentally suspect products-- Bayer produces neonicotinoids, which are associated with the bee colony collapse, and Monsanto has their genetically manipulated seed monopolies, he cited.

Engdahl weighed in on various geopolitical situations. He suggested that the recent failed coup in Turkey against President Erdogan was initiated by the United States, after Erdogan started making peace overtures to Putin and Russia. While the West is bent on wars and destruction, China (in cooperation with Russia) is busy building its new 'Silk Road'-- a modern high-speed railway linking all Eurasia to the borders of the EU, which will stimulate the creation of new markets, he observed.


In the latter half, Timothy Renner, who has written articles for several publications including Morbid Curiosity and Weird USA talked about various paranormal and crypto phenomena centered in South Central Pennsylvania (York, Lancaster, and Adams counties). He first got interested in the topic by focusing on the legend of Toad Road and the 'Seven Gates of Hell.' The sinister Gates were associated with a cemetery at a place called Hex Hollow, while Toad Road (now closed) had the lore of being the location for a burned down insane asylum. Though Renner found that some of the folkloric accounts of the Gates and Toad Road were not based in fact, he did discover a whole history of strange creatures and UFO sightings in the area, going back to the 1800s.

Witnesses report such things as "screams, things stalking them in the woods, things peeking from behind trees, and the sound of babies crying," some of which match up with Bigfoot behavior, he said. A man was hospitalized in 1973 after being attacked near Toad Road by what was called the "Green-Haired Monster," which may have been a moss-covered Bigfoot, Renner detailed. Other reports include Goatman, a hairy bipedal creature, described as having horns like a goat, and fangs like a tiger, and the Albatwitch-- a smaller version of a Bigfoot-type creature. Mysteriously, a woman disappeared in the woods in 2013, and numerous dead people have been recovered in the wooded areas, he added.

News segment guests: Jon Rappoport, Charlie Bosworth

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