Giants & Prophecy/ Open Lines

Giants & Prophecy/ Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsSteve Quayle

Author and researcher Steve Quayle touched on a variety of topics including the prophetic writings of Francis Bacon, evidence for giants and their underground tunnels, the alien agenda and disclosure, as well as earth changes, geopolitics, and Russia. Francis Bacon, writing in the early 17th century in his novel New Atlantis, included such technology and inventions as wind and water turbines, electricity, genetic labs, flying machines, submarines, and holographic projections, said Quayle, who marveled at the accuracy of his prescience.

Quayle believes that we are in the midst of a "soft disclosure" about the alien presence, and that the Vatican is attempting to control the narrative, as their Lucifer telescope on Mount Graham searches for extraterrestrials. A vast underground tunnel system or labyrinth in South America called the Chinkana was created by ancient giants, and the Catholic church, during the reign of the conquistadors built large churches over the entrances, Quayle contends. A similar underground tunnel structure exists in the US, and the military built bases to cover up the entrances, he added. Knowledge and evidence of the giants is suppressed because their DNA is being used in secret "supersoldier" genetic programs, he suggested.

"We are seeing our country ultimately brought under United Nations control," and the endgame is to take over all local law enforcement---"that's why all the racial tension and strife is being generated," he commented. Further, the conflict between the US and Russia is intensifying. They have a highly developed plan to shelter their population in the event of a nuclear war, noted Quayle, and have been flying their bombers into their old Cold War pattern.


Midweek Open Lines were featured in the latter half. Mel from the Mojave desert reminisced with George about the legendary broadcaster Billy Goodman out of Las Vegas, who was doing paranormal-UFO themed shows back in the 1980s, and interviewed such people as Bob Lazar, Bill Cooper, and Timothy Good. Bob from Texas, who said he was trained in OBE (astral projection) techniques by Robert Monroe, spoke about his out-of-body viewing of technology in a large hangar at Area 51. He described odd-looking craft that appeared to be capable of traveling into space, as well as very advanced technology, not known to the public, four floors underneath the hangar.

News segment guests: Joe Gomez, Howard Bloom, Tim Ball




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